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A young family and money: how to think about the financial side of living together?

The romance of mutual affection sooner or later complicated by the prose of everyday life.

The lovers decide to live together and find that their views on the family budget somehow diverge. Pair is necessary to conduct serious conversations in which the dull sound of the word “salary”, “expenses”, “savings”.

Who should manage the money?

Ideally, the income should be summarized and jointly distributed, but it is not always.

It happens that one of the spouses earns significantly more — for example, the husband provides for the wife who’s younger than him and haven’t really started to work, or the wife feeds her husband who was fired because of plant closures.

In this situation, it turns out that one of the members of the newly formed family lives at the expense of the second.

If you both realize that this is a temporary phenomenon, it’s no big deal. But don’t let the half sit on your neck.

Provide intentionally evade work spouse only all vital and limit it money on entertainment (especially when money is spent on completely useless things).

Some of the couples is a different issue — one of the partners refuses to share the earnings or constantly making stuff, ignoring the real day to day needs of loved ones. In such a situation should be any way to convince the egoist to act like an adult.

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Budget planning

The rule is regularly and inevitably together to make a table of the family budget. About how to do it, we are told here.

Possible from the first year of life together little by little start to save, not only on a specific purchase or trip. Family is very important to have at least the minimum reserve Fund in case of unforeseen costs.

No one is immune from destiny, both pleasant and not. You may have a toddler, you can become seriously ill or get into an accident and so on.

Find it difficult to save? Learn to save!

The question of pocket money

To avoid excessive costs for optional purchase, set for yourself and spouse a strict spending limit for personal needs.

Let each of you freely dispose of this amount of spending it at least for the fifteenth lipstick, at least for the next controller. Importantly, the purchase was not to the detriment of health.

Since the amount is carefully calculated and fixed, you can buy sweet heart nonsense without pangs of conscience.

Hope. that your love boat will not break on life!

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