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As cheap to buy an apartment – advice

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This article is a man who found a way to save for own apartment, but managed to scrape together only a minimal amount.

The following recommendations allows you to purchase square footage at a relatively low price.

After reviewing the market, you will find that the most affordable apartments-studios and “dormitory”. Do not rush to agree to a tiny square if you plan to live with family. Perhaps there are other options.


The purchase of an apartment at the construction stage

Cheaper just to buy the “gray key” through participation in shared construction at the stage of construction of the first floor. The growth houses will rise and prices of apartments in it.

However, this option has some disadvantages:

  • will have to wait a year, two, longer;
  • will need to invest in the purchase of materials for repair and payment of works;
  • if the developer let you down and delay the timing of (or even goes bankrupt), you will have long and with varying success to assert their rights.

Mortgage, starting with a major contribution

If you found that the savings is only enough for a wretched wreck, it is better to arrange a mortgage with a large initial contribution.

Immediately after paying half the price, you overpay too much in the future.

Pimped so or otherwise it will become illiquid in a few years.

When the mortgage is executed, not need to chill. Continue to track offers of banks. In case of detection of more attractive conditions decide to refinance.

Search option without the participation of realtors

In a small town to find a bargain property without the agent’s participation (and, accordingly, without payment of a fee).

Information about the buildings, check the websites of major local developers, and the secondary in the Newspapers and on the Internet. Be prepared for the fact that under the guise of individuals often will sometimes come across agents.

Very convenient to buy the apartment from friends or their friends — so you take precautions against fraud.

Bargaining is always appropriate

Sellers of real estate almost always quote a price higher than the one that really count. Bargain bolder, and you very well will save.

Do not rush to give the owner of the goods to understand that you agree to the deal and ready to pay money. Hesitate to find fault, it is inspired rahvaliit viewed by other apartments.

Good luck!

PS Oh yeah, and another tip. Think about where the money goes and how to stop them to lose. Maybe in a few months you will be able to increase modest savings, and then buy a house more expensive and better.

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