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Birthday cheap: advice to the hero of the occasion

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Birthday (especially the anniversary) is not only joy, but also a headache. Birthday need to prepare a good program to equip facilities, provide a decent meal.

All the hassle are worth the money…

Where to celebrate the holiday?

Of course, the easiest way to organize a celebration in your own apartment. Alas, this is sometimes impossible: if guests are more than ten ordinary room will seem cramped.

From spring to early autumn is very convenient to the day of birth in the format of a country picnic.

Picnic does not require delicious food and drinks will be enough to buy meat for kebabs, vegetables, bread, simple wine or vodka. Entertainment will be original, but it is the budget — for example, you can arrange a competition fishermen to hold a badminton tournament, to sing in chorus around the campfire.

If you for some reason, it seems preferable to the traditional event format, do not seek necessarily to rent a cafe. Much cheaper cost rent staff canteen. In the dining room, by the way, you’ll pay less for cooking.


How else can you save? The master of ceremonies. The Internet is full of ready-made scripts with contests for every taste. To realize one of them will be able to any more or less charismatic cousin.

However, when going to a mixed company and guests have to acquaint with each other, there is a sense still to trust the professional presenter.

Cheap table for a birthday

Here is a festive dish, made from simple ingredients.


  • mashed potatoes with herring;
  • potato casserole with meat or fish;
  • Turkey in the sleeve;
  • hearts or stomachs, stewed with potatoes;
  • the home-smoked fish;
  • pasta;
  • spaghetti with mushrooms etc.


  • liver cake;
  • slices of tomatoes, smeared with mayonnaise and garlic, sprinkled with grated cheese;
  • Julien;
  • filler;
  • rolls of thin pita bread with different fillings;
  • eggplant rolls;
  • canapés;
  • the cutting of the ham;
  • deviled eggs or tomatoes;
  • homemade pizza.

Cheap salads for birthday:

  • Olivier, in which instead of sausage use chicken;
  • chicken, corn, and wheat crackers;
  • cabbage, cucumber, Apple, bell pepper;
  • mushroom meadow (mushrooms, pickles, eggs, etc. — look for a recipe online. recipe popular);
  • chicken, cucumber, cheese, Apple and greenery;
  • from canned fish;
  • the beans and corn with spicy croutons;
  • herring under a fur coat;
  • fried mushrooms with tomatoes, cheese and onions;
  • fruit — banana, pear, Apple, peach, berries, yoghurt;
  • with crab sticks, etc.

Cakes can be made from store-bought cakes, cook the icing using condensed milk boiled and grated nuts. A great alternative to homemade pies.

Let the holiday be fun!

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