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Can I sell the apartment by inheritance obtained?

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Farewell to a kinsman great sorrow, but life continues after the loss of a loved one. You have to think about purely material things, in particular, about the fate of the remaining valuable assets.

Features sale of inherited apartment.

Having a will does not give you the right to fully dispose of housing the deceased. You would first have to pass through quite long procedure of entry into the inheritance, and then register square footage to yourself.

Step by Step instructions that will help you to solve these problems, look for a separate page of our website.

Many people are concerned about the issue, and whether to sell the apartment prior to obtaining a certificate of ownership. Alas, the answer is unequivocal — no.


Should I wait for three years?

You may have heard stories of friends who received housing by inheritance, and had put it off sale for a three year term. What explains such a delay?

It’s very simple.

The rightful heir has the right to put the apartment up for sale even immediately after the registration of ownership. Only now, when the sale will take place, the seller will have to pay personal income tax (tax on income of physical persons) by 30 April of the year following the year of the transaction.

The amount of personal income tax — 13% of the cost of housing (as the tax base take the results of the inventory assessment of the facility as of January 1 of each year),

The price of good apartment is pretty high and every cent turns into a tangible amount. However, when it comes to selling a modest odnushki or rooms, the tax is fully or almost fully kompensiruet due to the deduction. Having sold the housing cost up to a million virtually any, you will not have to allocate money to personal income tax.

After 3 years of ownership of the apartment to spend money on it at all, regardless of how much value your property. The period is counted not from the date of registration of property rights, and since the death of the testator.

More should be added, that from this tax certain categories of citizens, namely: invalids from childhood, invalids of the first and second groups, pensioners, etc.

Documents that will be useful in the transaction

Before selling prepare:

  • certificate of state registration of rights;
  • registration certificate;
  • certificate confirming the absence of municipal debt;
  • consent of husband/wife, decorated with the participation of a notary;
  • any option agreement.

Realizing the property received under the will, obtain an official waiver of other relatives from the inheritance you inherited.

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