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Can you become a successful investor: three questions

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You want your savings to work and make extra income? It is quite possible to organize. Just be prepared that the money will not work by themselves but with your active participation.

The depositor may include savings in the Bank to make a Deposit and forget about the money until the deadline. The investor must monitor the market situation, to periodically weigh the risks and benefits.

You have free money — at least 30 thousand virtually any?

“I had the sum of, without which I can easily live till the next income. It is urgent it into something to invest…” — says the man who decided to dispose of the personal finances with the utmost rationality.

The right train of thought? Yes — on one condition: if this person already has a financial cushion. Each of us must have in reserve an amount which will suffice for six months of normal life. These means are not worth the risk. Deposit — the best option to preserve them.

Investing always carries a risk, even if in some cases it is minimal. The citizens ‘ money held in banks protected by government Deposit insurance system, and customers mutual funds or, say, insurance companies operate under their own responsibility.

Are you ready to learn something new?

Inexperienced investors believed that they were participating in a kind of game. They’re wrong. Financial instruments do not operate at the whim of Fortune, and quite knowable laws. Want to be in win — try to understand how the whole system works.

First, you need to get an idea about the basic ways of investing.

Can start with a look at our publications:

  • The concept of an individual investment account
  • What you need to know about stock markets?
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Secondly, you will need to get acquainted with the tool that seem right. Do not limit yourself to articles from the Internet. Please note and books.

Among the foreign AIDS of this kind, the most popular “Intelligent investor” Benjamin Graham. Among national publications the attention certainly deserves the book “Your money should work”, the author — Vladimir Savenok. Of course, the two items of the list is not exhaustive.

The ideal option is self-study courses for novice investors. Organized by a brokerage firm.

You are able to manage their own emotions?

Although investing is not a game, it’s fueling the excitement: stock prices frequently fluctuate, it seems that even a little bit, and the moment will be missed… Give feelings not, otherwise then will have to bite elbows.

In the article “What you need to know for a novice investor” at the educational website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation there is a recommendation:

Set border for the losses that you are willing to bear: for example, if assets fell by 20%, you need to sell and, as they say in the stock market, to record losses. In other words — are you ready to accept the loss of 20% and terminate trades to avoid even greater losses. The desire to wait — suddenly “bounces” — it will be great, but don’t succumb.

Let’s say you read an article and wondered: will take time, attention — maybe it’s better to hold off until better times? Not in a hurry to abandon a good cause.

No one is forcing you to immediately dive into investing with your head. Try to master it gradually, using the services of a competent intermediary company engaged in financial trust management.

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