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Collective purchasing – what is the benefit?

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If you look on various forums everyday subjects, you probably at least once seen the offer to participate in the joint procurement. I do not think. that is some sort of a Scam.

The essence of joint purchases (SP) of a product is simple: holder (often — individual) officially agrees with some salesman about purchasing a batch of the product and using the Internet finding people who need these products.

The product in this situation is available at wholesale price.

The advantages of collective purchasing

The acquisition of things via the organizer SP useful for the following reasons:

  • the buyer gets the thing for a relatively modest fee;
  • he did not have to waste time walking to the shops, and gasoline — on the road;
  • purchase participants could easily get the rare branded products (e.g., clothing from Europe from a specific manufacturer) and the clothes from the latest fashion collections, has not yet arrived in stores.
  • shopping is accompanied by the lively communication in the Network, participants share opinions, give each other helpful advice;
  • choose a product at any time of the day and night.

The method of collective purchases particularly well diverge women’s and children’s clothes. Typical Amateur, SP — a young mother who had to walk through the shopping malls.


The risks to the participant of the joint venture?

The main risk factor is contact with an inexperienced or irresponsible by the organizer.

It may happen that he will get the goods at a disadvantage in the cost, strongly delays the delivery, make a mistake with the size and color. Finally, the initiator combines the purchase is able to go on cheating is to request unreasonably high percentage of his profit.

Some orders have been undermined by a supplier — for example, sometimes the full amount is detected. Note, however, that the customer in such circumstances does not lose money. The money is made on the card of the organizer after the final approval order.

When joint procurement is desirable to take a product certainly, with no expectation to take it back. In respect of the joint venture, the Law on consumer protection. The reason is simple — selling as is wholesale, not retail.

Let us pay attention here on what point… Part in some collective purchasing is only possible when you order a certain minimum amount or more. This amount is sometimes unreasonably high. Forced picking up things from one directory to 30-50 thousand, even the goods will be fantastically cheap, you’re sure to buy something extra.

So where is the savings?

There are, however, SP and no minimum payout. Most importantly you should look for.

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