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Do you protect your money: food for thought

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We live in a very changeable world, so to speak with confidence about the absolute security of anything is meaningless. However, almost any casual risks to actually manage.

Read the article and, if necessary, take measures for the protection of savings.

Why you should not keep a lot of money in the apartment?

Savings, which are at home in the form of cash, protected the worst. They can easily get thieves or fraudsters.

Do not rely on strong locks. An experienced thief will easily reveal if accidentally discovers that the game is worth the candle.

The scammer will not come to you in the door, it is much easier to get into the apartment trick. All sorts of dubious fortune-tellers, the imaginary police, fake utility workers have an excellent command of the techniques of manipulation.

People give personally such criminals lovingly hidden money buying into a subtle deception.

Money, trusted piggy Bank, threatened by another enemy — inflation. Finances that are not working, inevitably depreciate, even this process is slow.


Is it safe to keep their savings on Deposit?

A Bank Deposit is quite reliable, but strictly on one condition. The amount you keep in one Bank, should not exceed the maximum amount of compensation to CERs.

DIS — Deposit insurance system. It must involve all Russian banks, attracting funds from the public. If the financial institution is deprived of the license, its customers through the insurance system receive compensation of up to 1 400 000.

The Contributions to different organizations, we emphasize, are insured separately from each other.

How not to lose money, lying on the map?

Be careful using a Bank card.

Let the amount stored on it will not be easy prey for crooks.


  • use only protected ATMs;
  • every time pre-inspect the unit on the subject of skimmers;
  • do not keep large money on the card, which you pay in cafes and Internet stores;
  • to protect your PIN code from prying eyes.

More detailed recommendations

Financial instruments and require careful handling

Investment instruments can be subdivided into two groups:

  • fixed income (bonds referred to above deposits, etc.);
  • variable income (stocks, Forex, etc.).

If you want to increase savings, to start pay attention to first group. Or, better yet, just look for yourself a sensible financial adviser.

What about currency risks?

Experts recommend: keep the bulk of the money in the currency in which you earn.

In the case of the crisis phenomena often makes no sense to hurry to translate all our savings into dollars or euros.

Play with the course in advance, anticipating the stages of growth and fall, under force only to professionals. A simple mortal know about the sharp jump from the news; he has a chance to buy the currency only on the peak demand, without special benefits.

However, to keep the same dollars of the amount solely for hedging is a sensible idea.

Good luck!

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