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How better to spend the money to the owner large sums of money?

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In life there are pleasant surprises: a winning lottery ticket, the prize for creative achievement, out of nowhere who undertake overseas uncle-millionaires…

Receiving from the hands of Fortune, some lucky ones just lost. In front of them at the time opened such opportunities, which previously could not even dream of.

Where to spend the money, then not to reproach itself for wastefulness?

Lady Luck — Queen with flighty nature. Today it pleases you profit, and tomorrow, suddenly, presented with sudden loss. As long as you have money, try to use them wisely.

Treatment and self-education

First of all, you need to think about how you are investing in yourself. Go to the dentist and if needed, pay for his services. Visit the best doctors of the city to consult on long-standing chronic diseases.

If you are a woman, you will probably entice prospect to pass the cosmetology course is mesotherapy for hair rehabilitation, lifting, etc.

Young people who do not have health problems, think about using a precious amount to receive useful training. What — it is necessary to look at the situation. Someone in life will help courses of cutting and sewing, and someone – French language school.

Investment amount

A lot of money with some effort gives you the chance to move to a new level of well-being. But it will have to master the wisdom of investing, to get acquainted with such tools as:

  • shares;
  • bonds;
  • Mutual funds;
  • PAMM-accounts etc.

Be careful. At first, don’t neglect the help of professional consultants and prefer less risky assets.

Beware of scammers — they like to cheat people with a tight wallet. Here are just a few options of fraud the victims of which may be investor-beginner.


The really big money, it is advisable to invest in square meters. And we mean not only the expansion of housing, but the purchase of commercial property.

Buying office, located near the city center, you will gain a regular source of passive earnings on rent.

Division of money on multiple deposits

Won’t delete from the list and the simplest option is to include the amount in the Bank. The money will sit, accumulating interest, and you will think about the appropriate use of their capital.

Just let deposits to be several, each of not more than 1 400 000 virtually any. This is the maximum compensation that can be paid to the investor through the DIS (Deposit insurance system) in the event of failure of any Russian Bank.

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