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How to achieve higher wages – the only win-win strategy

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If you are not very happy with the salary and you do not without reason think that you deserve better, the most obvious solution is to find another, truly promising job .

But there are times when such decisive actions are not at the time – for example, a woman wants to stay in a stable company until the future decree or a man can not take risks, because he is the only adult breadwinner of the family.

What should people do when faced with such circumstances?

I deserve better!

Employees can be divided into four categories:

  • the first are proudly silent, although they would not mind receiving a more solid salary;
  • the latter are silent about the coveted increase fearfully;
  • others ask for better conditions, paint their leadership in paints;
  • the fourth openly claim to a high salary, explaining their demands by the interests of the organization.

What do you think, who gets the most? The question is, of course, rhetorical, because the answer is obvious.

Getting an increase in salary as a quest

Good leaders are rationalists involuntarily. They need to be spoken in the language of arguments, even if you are not used to it. Then they will listen to you attentively.

Natalia Bagramyanets, Managing Director of Cornerstone Translations, says to the correspondent of Vedomosti newspaper (“How to ask for salary increase”):

My formula for managing personnel – if a person needs a company, then raising his wages is the right compromise. If an employee is professionally and properly performing his duties, I, as a manager, are interested in keeping him in the company.

Refer to the case as a game quest, for which you must “pump” your level.

Here are the options for doing the game:

  • think of a specific project that will bring additional profit to the company and which you will be able to implement yourself with reasonable organizational support (with such an initiative, we should note that it is better to contact the owner of the company and not to the supervised manager);
  • offer yourself as a candidate for another, more serious position; Explain in figures and facts why you will do the job well (however, the scheme is only relevant when the firm can open an additional position or when one of the employees is going to leave);
  • ask the boss how you could work more effectively and, accordingly, earn more – it is possible that he has long had his ideas on this.

In fact, the main idea is one: reason and act more broadly, delve into the business processes of the firm.

CEO of the agency Iconic Mobile Alexei Pospekhov in a survey of the online magazine “The Village” on the topic “How to determine the amount of salary” rightly observes:

In 95% of cases, employees (with very, very few exceptions) sincerely do not want to dive into all the details of business processes, study the structure, pricing a product or service, “drill” the business model.

For those who are in dire need of money, but are afraid to take on a significant additional responsibility, it is possible to act easier – to ask not too onerous part-time work. However, think twice: there are always other places where you can profitably podhalturit .

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