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How to buy a phone of decent quality – tips

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Phones pocket work wear and often break. Buying a new smartphone, I want to find a functional model, but not to overpay.

Here are tips that will help you make the right choice.

First, let’s talk about selecting the phone store, and then about the features of the acquisition device used.


Where better to look for?

When conversation comes about “where to buy a phone?” usually inflames heated discussion with a reference to the famous salons of communication (“Euroset”, “Svyaznoy”) and major electronics retailers of a wide range of (“M-video” and so on.). We won’t let anyone criticize or praise.

Suggest you just look for the most favorable price and details in advance to find out the schema of action in the event of a warranty issue.

Keep your attention and the option of buying mobile online. Online stores often offer great low prices, it does not deny the consumer of the legal guarantee.

For reliability, you can find the right product on those online venues that have offices in your city. At the same time and save on shipping by taking away the purchase of a pickup.

What to save?

Before going to the store, decide what you need a smartphone and stick to your own list of requirements, no matter what the consultant. Why pay for features camera if you are not fond of selfies, or screen resolution, if you do not have the habit of reading on the phone e-book?

Don’t hunt for new products. There are two reasons.

First, about the new phones, there are practically no reviews. All the information about their functionality comes down to promotional materials. Second, the just-released models usually have a slightly inflated cost. During the year, the price of a smartphone typically falls by 15%.

Note: be careful if you see an online ad about the sale of the party of branded mobile phones with amazing discounts. Most likely. it is not a product of a famous manufacturer as a copy.

Using POS credit for the smartphone (i.e., making out the credit in shop), very carefully calculate the size of the alleged overpayment. Perhaps in your case it will be cheaper to take a usual consumer loan in Bank.

The intricacies of buying a used phone

Follow these rules:

  • possible buy thing from a friend of the person;
  • look for a device that is still under warranty and sold with carefully preserved documents (in particular, instruction);
  • ask for native packaging, in order to exclude the probability of buying a stolen cell phone;
  • check the machine small chips and cracks, evidence of the fall;
  • feel free to make sure that the smartphone is serviceable — put it on the charger and make a call, write a message, to connect to the Internet etc.

Going to a meeting with the seller, don’t forget to take:

  • standard headphones;
  • SIM card;
  • any old working phone (to ring), a MicroSD card with several audio files.

Good luck!

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