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How to buy cheap airline tickets: tips

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Touring, want to spend money on transport services, and the cute heart entertainment.

Does it really — significantly save on airline tickets? Of course, Yes.

Cheap airline tickets: how, when, where

The first commandment frugal traveler — consider your trip in advance.

Pick up the tickets2-3 months before the intended date of departure. If possible, you should focus on the non-resort season — from mid-January until the end of February, from mid-November to mid-December.

Immediately pay the way there and back — in this situation the price will be lower.


Tip two: don’t limit yourself to traditional aviakassa. To seek and pay for tickets online is much easier and — in most cases — cheaper. The so-called sites-aggregators allow you to compare the prices offered for the same direction hundreds of different companies.

For example, to name just a few aggregators search engines:

  • AviaSales;
  • Momondo;
  • Airlines Inform;
  • Skyscanner;
  • Buruki.

Use including advanced search, which allows you to specify in the field “date” once the whole month or year in the field “to” the word “everywhere”. This functionality will allow you to plan not only the best number and the most successful place to spend a future vacation.

Some aggregators have the option to subscribe to information about cheaper need plane tickets. If it can wait, please use this subscription.

Another handy feature — lists of the most profitable routes in the festive days of the year (available, for example, Buruki).

Prefer any particular airline? Follow the news about the promotions that may appear on its official website. Just don’t get too excited. Sometimes the action is just a marketing ploy with illusory benefits.

Read and remember

A few secrets in addition:

  • view ticket prices departing from other cities located nearby your;
  • bring as much Luggage as will fit in the limited carry-on baggage;
  • do not be lazy to think through complex routes with transfers (direct flights often cost more);
  • going on vacation with a group, look for a company that offers discounts when you purchase tickets for multiple passengers.

Warning: be careful if on the Internet you will come across offers for sale very cheap ticket from a private person. Thus very often earn the scammers.

Perhaps relevant for you and tips for saving on the services of Railways.

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