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How to buy cheap Wallpaper and not regret?

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When performing cosmetic repairs, a large share of the costs necessary for the purchase of Wallpaper. Want to know how to buy them cheaper? The answer may be published below the article.

Also you are likely to be relevant tips for saving on the unit floor.

Wallpapering the walls without anyextra costs: manual

Remember the Golden principle: to keep money, s hould not on the quality of the product and its quantity.

Not to buy extra rolls with the utmost care measure out the area with tape. Calculate the consumption of the Wallpaper, given that their width is usually:

  • the standard — of 0.53 m.;
  • the so-called meter — 1,06 m.

Coil length usually reaches 7, 10.5, 12, or 18 m.

Great designs

Having dealt with the calculations, proceed to the selection pattern.

It is most advantageous to buy Wallpaper of the following types:

  • solid;
  • with a very fine speckled pattern;
  • with longitudinal stripes.

The more complex and larger the figure, the more the material will “take” the adjustment.

To save a substantial amount will also allow the combination of different Wallpaper. How does it save money?

First, you can buy two types of residues. Remnants are usually sold at a very affordable price. Second, for aesthetic reasons it makes sense to build expensive, luxurious-looking material with more accessible. What a good idea to paste the most conspicuous wall of the richer, for the rest to look for a simple Wallpaper.

A couple of histroty.

Draw your own borders by cutting them from striped Wallpaper (Yes, suddenly a piece of those lying around somewhere on the mezzanine after the last repair you or your friends?)

When planning a children’s pasting, it is not necessary to pay exorbitant prices for an intricate pattern with animals on them. It is better to separately buy a couple of vinyl an special stickers.

Attractive types of Wallpaper

The cheapest material — paper. It is thin and vulnerable to the water, but those cons are minor, for example, when pasting bedrooms. In addition, there are water-resistant paper Wallpaper impregnated, that are relevant even in the kitchen.

Next come the interlining and vinyl — thick, more resistant to abrasion.

The top of the price pyramid is screenprints, textiles and other luxury Wallpaper.

A sensible idea to save on the manufacturing country. Branded Wallpapers from Italy and Germany differ quite decent quality, but almost always cost a pretty penny. Some domestic counterparts are also to be commended, however, have a relatively modest price.

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