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How to buy through the Internet: instructions

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Earlier we told you that purchase goods through the “world wide web” in most cases profitable.

This article is devoted to a more specific topic — the process of ordering the right things over the Internet.

Buying online is easy!

1. Type in a search engine a query like “Internet-shop of home appliances Kazan”.

If you immediately select a particular product and city, then get the most appropriate suggestions. The closer to you the office of the seller, the cheaper the cost of shipping.

However, some rare things should look without focusing on a specific city. A rich selection of palette knives or, say, Tamarana only in the narrow store.

2. Read the terms and conditions of ordering and delivery. Pay special attention to the cost of courier services.

3. Read product descriptions, see photos. By zeroing in on the thing, do not be lazy to compare its value with the prices declared for similar products in other online stores.


3. Buying serious? Then call the seller (the number is usually listed in a prominent place at the top or bottom, rarely in “Contact”) and specify details.

Useful to verify that the goods are really available at the moment.

To avoid misunderstanding, it will not hurt to ask a question about return and exchange. The last tip is most relevant when buying clothes or shoes. Many shops (but not all!) allow the buyer to try on the items upon receipt and return to the courier the goods which will not fit or will simply not to face.

4. Fill out the form for registration.

5. Wait for the call Manager and adviser, who will confirm reception of the order and will inform, in what terms should wait for the courier to arrive or for vending goods.

Briefly about the order of calculation. Here, each store had a different strategy. Some offer the customer to pay upon delivery of the product (cash or card), some insist on prepayment.

Sometimes both options are available, but advance offered any bonuses.


When buying online, beware of scams. Crooks often create an imaginary store to get a fee for a non-existent product or to know details of Bank cards.

To avoid mistakes, consult with knowledgeable people on the subject of the most trusted online shops in your region. For example, a question would be appropriate at the city forum.

Here are a few tips:

  • make sure that the vendor specifies a real, existing address, and phone number;
  • in no case do not disclose confidential information, a series and passport number, personal information about the account;
  • avoid the temptation to buy a product a suspiciously low price — it is possible that it is a counterfeit (however, low prices stores operating on the principle of sales, not cheating);
  • check for completion and quality before you sign the documents.

In the case of great doubt prefer that store, which allows you to transfer the fee to the courier upon receipt of order.

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