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How to earn a lot of money?

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The dream of quick enrichment does not leave humanity since then, as there was money. The desire to accumulate a lot of money more than of course, for most people it remains a dream.

After all, to save only those funds that have managed to earn — so the amount you can save there are natural limits — the length of human life and the actual size of personal income.

That is, if you earn$ 1000 per month, it is unlikely you will be able to gather 10000000 USD even in his later years (but one million is very real). Just life is not enough.

This is true for easy folding part of the salary in a jug. Even if you set aside and save correctly and rationally, the chances are, shall we say, small. However, if you are not constrained by savings, but also invest your capital, then the chance appears.

The strategy of accumulating a large amount in a short time

This strategy is very simple and follows directly from our goal.

If you want to get great supplemental income from the investment of capital, you’re forced to resort to risky instruments that have high potential returns.

This does not mean that should immediately withdraw all money from your Bank account and give them the financial pyramid. Not at all.

In fact, you have to create something like a structural product. This package (portal) financial instruments that includes both reliable and unreliable assets. You can create it yourself, or if you have already on hand a lot of money, contact the management company for a more professional distribution and more skilled risk management.

The first ensures the safety of fixed capital regardless of what happens with the second.

Second — give the opportunity (in the case of healthy development) to the desired amount.


Of course, most of your portfolio should be traditional, well-proven assets.

What to invest for great returns?

Here is a small list:

  • The action “the second echelon”.
  • Mutual funds with an aggressive strategy.
  • PAMM-accounts.
  • HYIP-projects.
  • Options and futures contracts with a large leverage.

What types of investments are most reliable?

As mentioned, it’s traditional assets:

  • Bank deposits.
  • Bond mutual funds, mixed mutual funds.
  • Blue chips — the shares of leading corporations.
  • Gold and other precious metals in different forms.

When relevant, this method of management of the family budget?

First and foremost, when you need a large amount exorbitant for your current monetary position.

For example, you just started to raise money for their housing and, apparently, this process threatens to stretch out for 5-10 years. Why not take a chance in this case? If you can raise enough money for a year or two, it is likely to resort to risky instruments is impractical.

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