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How to earn: options

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If you constantly do not have enough money, have to find additional sources of income. Finding them is not as difficult as it seems at first.

Offer you for example quite a few realistic options.

Participation in promotions

Usually, the promoters are students, however, this way of earning suitable for an older man.

Not necessarily to hand out flyers on the street, attracting the attention of passers-by funny cartoon costume. Do some more solid work — for example, conducting consumer opinion polls, tastings, consulting and delivery of gifts for purchase.

Paid promoters are relatively modest, but they have a very convenient schedule. If you wish, you always pick up the action at the hours which suit you.

Providing freelance services via Internet

And if you have any useful skills?

The person who knows the Russian language, you should try yourself in the role of copywriter. A talented Amateur photographer to sell your photos owners information sites.

Proofreading, typesetting, laying out books, conducting groups in social networks, etc. — choose what you like.

Assistance in carrying out election campaigns

On the eve of elections good part time job offer the candidate”s headquarters.

They give a fairly easy job — for example, I charge post at the mailbox, Newspapers and flyers. The services of temporary assistants are paid adequately.

Sale of handmade arts

Earn money on your hobby. There are dozens of sites organized by type of craft fairs.

By signing up on one of them, you will be able to offer to interested buyers any and all cute little things, from braided bracelets to carved boxes.

The master, who has quite a lot of product for sale, it makes sense to also create personal landing page of the website or group.

The use of services like You do

The inhabitants of large cities is to recommend services that publish private job — for example, “to pick up three boxes in the car”, “Perekleit Wallpaper in two rooms”, “to Deliver the envelope to the city.”

Each proposal specifies a specific price issue. Everything is simple and clear.

A part time nanny

Many moms need regular Babysitting services. The nurse is often required not for the whole day, but only in order to feed the preschooler”s lunch or to bring it for the evening section.

In such a job the easiest to get a woman of 30 years who has children of their own. Valuable argument in favor of soiskatelei will also be a diploma of pedagogical University.

Tutoring at home

Deep knowledge of any of the educational disciplines — physics, chemistry, biology, English language will allow you to become a private tutor for a student.

Don’t worry, you hardly have to train a lazy repetition. Now to the Tutors for hedging are even the best students, who dream of a high score on the upcoming exam.

Good luck to you!

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