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How to haggle with the sellers instruction

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Some people are embarrassed to bargain. It seems that the dispute (even polite) about the money — it is unworthy of civilized man.

The sellers of many goods purposely inflate the price, being ready to reduce it at the request of the client. If you want someone cashing in on your gullibility and condescending thought you were a simpleton?

Universal secrets of knocking down prices

Remember ten magical rules:

  • do not engage in futile and undignified bargain with the individuals who are deprived of the right to reduce the price — need to talk with the owner of the outlet;
  • lead the conversation perfectly polite without familiarity, and try to emphasize what you see in the interlocutor of professional;
  • the first call price, which will serve as a point of reference;
  • since bargaining, it is advisable to apply for a big, almost overwhelming discount (up to 50%) — is the beginning of the conversation emotionally shake of the seller;
  • motivate its position and reinforce it with facts — for example, show a printed price lists of the company-competitor (you can probably find on the Internet);
  • down the price, without attracting attention of others — if the same privilege will want to take advantage of someone else, the seller will immediately reverse;
  • offer a quid Pro quo: promise to bring friends, cheaper to buy multiple products, pushing the store’s blog or his page in the social network;
  • if promised — do;
  • don’t rush the seller, let him think;
  • be prepared to walk away with a heavy sigh, but come back, if you hailed on the doorstep.

Remember sellers willing to meet the wishes of the client, and become their regular customer.

Recommendations for specific cases

Travel lovers it is useful to know that in some countries bargaining when you buy — common norm. Especially a big discount (about half price) to really get in Egypt and Thailand.

To enterprising foreign buyer is to honour in China, Turkey, UAE.

Wanting to buy something for our Russian market gardeners (say, eggs or greens) go to multiple trays and pointedly inquire about the prices. Asking prices, ask about the quality of the product. Feeling that you are set to purchase, sellers will start to offer discounts.

Be sure to haggle when buying an apartment. Many of us are faced with the need to sell the property for once in my life and are afraid to make a bad bargain — bid up to the price of a few hundred thousand per auction.

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