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How to invest money with a guarantee: recommendations

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Just be warned: this method of investing money, which would allow 100% to be sure of their safety, does not exist. However, there are less and more reliable financial instruments.

Here’s how to dispose of the savings, if the main goal is not to lose accumulated.

Investment fixed income instruments.

Below we are talking about the so-called fixed income, which:

  • low risk for the investor;
  • known timing and size of payments;

Bonds of the Issuer, trustworthy

Tool for cautious considered to be bonds — securities that are secured loan relations between the issuing company and the investor.

The Issuer is structure, which issued bonds — the obligation to return the investor received the amount of interest in the form of coupons. The interest rate is announced in advance. Coupons usually are paid every 6 months.

The Issuer may act as a commercial Corporation, and the state. Government bonds — the most reliable (however, the interest rate on them is sometimes relatively low).

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Deposit, into DIS posed frame

To explain what a Deposit is hardly necessary. But with the concept of CER you may not have encountered.

This abbreviation stands for the system of insurance of contributions. This mechanism of protection of deposits of natural persons working on the case of the revocation of the Bank. When the Bank is in a critical situation, investors reimburse amounts up to 1 400 000 virtually any.

To 2014 note, the maximum payment amounted to only 700 thousand.

In the Russian Federation to enter into CERs are required all the banks that attract the finances of individuals.

Investing in real estate

To protect savings from inflation, many people invest in square meters.

It is most advantageous to buy space on the stage of construction of the building, but this option is fraught with some risks.

Alas, there are cases where the developer is unable to meet its obligations. In this situation, the investors become the owners of an imaginary living space in an abandoned unfinished.

Less risk to buyers of new apartments ready in the future if you expect to resell the purchase at a bargain price.

However, their investment will be justified, if before the sale area will go to rent a good temporary tenants or need to stay close relative.

The owner is obliged to bear the burden of certain payments (maintenance and repairs, heating) even if the apartment no one is registered.

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