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How to issue the right of inheritance to the apartment: manual

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After the deceased owner removed from the register, the heir is required to renew the living space itself.

This is a rather long multi-step procedure.

Instructions for joining the legacy

Start with the preparation.

Collect all the papers that may be necessary in the first place:

  • death certificate;
  • documents proving that the apartment was owned by a deceased person;
  • a certificate from the passport indicating the last place of registration of the deceased;
  • Testament or in the absence thereof, the documents confirming the close relationship;
  • the extract from the house register from the place of residence of the testator (REU);
  • a copy of the financial account from the place of residence of the deceased (taken in REU);
  • technical documents for the apartment (from the BTI);
  • valuation certificate of the property at the date of death of the testator (from the BTI);
  • your passport.

If you know that there are several heirs, contact them and try to work together.

A visit to the notary

Contact the notary at the place of opening the inheritance, to officially claim the right. He will answer all your questions, let you know the addresses of organizations that have to go on.

If necessary, (relevant for people living in another city) it is permissible to delegate the whole thing to the representative, providing pre-authorization. A Trustee can be a friend and hired a lawyer. In Metropolitan areas, has sales firms that offer probate “turnkey”.

The notary will take the application, check your documents. After the due date you will receive from him a certificate certifying the right of inheritance.

Be prepared to pay a notary for services plus if necessary, make legal costs. In the presence of a will is no stamp duty, inheritance by law, its amount depends on the value of the apartment.

We emphasize that taking the first step can not delay. Last six months of the date of the death of a loved one will have to go to court and explain the cause of delay.

Registration of ownership rights to the inherited apartment

Go in Rosreestr. Keep with you:

  • passport;
  • death certificate;
  • the testimony received at the notary;
  • cadastral passport to the apartment.

You’ll get a receipt for payment of the fee, pay it in the Bank, and then come back and make a statement.

You will be told when to come for registration of rights.

Becoming the owner of the apartment, you will be able to sell it. Read here how to make the transaction for the sale of inherited housing with minimum expenses for payment of personal income tax.

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