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How to learn how to save money

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Although our site is primarily dedicated to the second stage of accumulation of money — that is the good management of deferred money, they are investing in reliable and sufficiently profitable instruments that provides counter inflation. However, if you do not know how to defer a portion of their income to spend all the money, the control will be simply nothing. We recall that the investment was worth it, you need to have at least 100-200 thousand virtually any (more about it here).

So, how to save money?

The first step is to shift the focus. Internally you need to take the following thesis: you do NOT limit spending. You don’t drive themselves into the cell’s economy, saving pennies on the matches. You are reasonable in economic terms life. You know the difference? In the first case you have to fight with them — and it is not good. In the second case, on the contrary you focus on the positive.

It was a psychological introduction. Now move on to the process of laying. Read the following manual, feel it — and it will be possible to tell with confidence that you have learned to save money, not fasting.

Advanced system 4 envelopes

In our country well enough to know the way to manage your finances the 4 envelopes. Below we offer some modified version.

Within a week or two try to refrain from major purchases and luxury spending. This is not the mere accumulation of money, is control measurement — how much money do you need for a normal (with good nutrition and pay for all utilities and bills) life. According to the results of work some amount of the weekly living wage.

Knowing this amount, you will be able to distribute in a given month, the money in week 4 of the envelope (a specific filling time varies depending on frequency of receiving the money). On Monday, the entire amount removed from the envelope and placed in the wallet. All the way until next Monday to spend only and exclusively the money. A penny more. It will not be too difficult: after all, the remaining funds will not be available (will be in the closet, not in your wallet). And most importantly — you will be assured that this amount will be enough — because it is taken from life and not from the ceiling.

In addition to these envelopes need to have at least two (and possibly more — but it really you will understand how convenient). The first is “luxury”. Here, it is worth investing some fixed amount on entertainment and optional purchase. The second is actually pending, which will put all the remains that were not included in the envelopes. Between the two funds it is possible to divide the remains of the weekly funds in half or in another proportion.

The advantages of this system of setting aside money

They are large enough.

  • Saved a decent standard of living — because you are off of the family budget is not abstract 10 — 30%, as it is advised in most guidelines, namely the amount that you can, and you continue to live a normal life: a certain amount remains and entertainment and an optional purchase.
  • The habit appears reasonable in relation to the money of life — and without much hassle. When the pocket is some money — just for a week — especially not scatter, to squander their hard.
  • Easy to control speed, savings and standards of living. For example, you need to collect a certain amount — for example, on vacation. Then you can just slightly cut the weekly rate (say, 500 virtually any) — it will not be too difficult, and in the Bank will arrive.
  • The increase in revenues to significantly improve the lives. This is probably the most pleasant point. In most families the cost is not so orderly that even a substantial increase in wages once lost, can not raise the consumption to a new level. Bill seemed to evaporate in trifles and nonsense. Familiar? While using above mentioned system you can always (as opposed to the previous paragraph) to increase the weekly ration. The money will be spent is still reasonable and evenly. You will be buying salmon instead of herring — because every day will have, say, 200 virtually any more. It is significantly and noticeably.

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