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How to make money on a hobby, traveling around the world: the story of Masha

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Know who traveliner is? The man who literally lives in travel. He’s changing cities and countries, staying in favorite places for a few months. Of course, it is not very suitable for daily office work from seven to five.

To eat, however, want all. A passionate traveler, also needs money.

Combining the pleasant with the pleasant

Here’s the story traveliner is Masha Dubrovskaya. She lives in different countries of Asia for more than 10 years, and is now in the Philippines.

On his blog in the post what I do for trip Masha says that money for the first months of life abroad, she had been saving in the following way:

…I worked as a photographer in St. Petersburg at the Studio, filming everything from vacuum cleaners and beauties in the Studio to weddings and of Pamel Anderson. Took everything just to dig and go to India through a bunch of countries and hold there for at least six months. Happened. Has accumulated about $5000 and go.

The amount collected is gradually melted, but the girl didn’t give up. She kept something to draw for longtime customers and have sold photos — presumably, the material for the original images she had enough.

Masha Dubrovskaya started a blog — started to publish travel notes with photo illustrations. The blog also began to earn a small income.

Then came a new occupation, which unexpectedly turned out to be not only enjoyable, but also the most profitable. Masha tried to do with your hands first decoration, and then the figures are paper dolls of Kraft paper (in different variants — with a postcard, with a magnet, with the face of a real person). Dolls to make travel convenient — you can “work anywhere there’s a table at least a meter on the meter and the post office.”

Sale of goods — again completely solved the problem, fortunately there is the Internet. Dubrovskaya has opened two of their marketing site (in Russian and English); her dolls are exhibited on Amazon and Etsy.

Who else can become a lover of travel?

Experienced traveller advises beginners:

How do you personally could make in the journey? This question seems quite difficult? But the answer is simple — to sell your skills, apply their talents. If possible translate their skills in remote mode or finding customers on the spot. If your skills does not apply when the nomadic way of life, is to learn something new or similar, but more mobile.

Handmaid is not the only possible occupation for periodically stopping the traveler. Masha Dubrovskaya talks about his friends who work as guides and instructors for different sports activities masseurs, etc.

Income and expenses traveliner is

Of course, people are often accustomed to dart off in search of new experiences, are not always able to develop a constant customer base and to promote business to epic proportions.

They just assure their financial ability to live the lifestyle that they want — to earn food and rent a roof over your head.

Contrary to popular view, the traveller need not such large amounts. He, unlike the majority of visitors coming to vacation travelers:

  • renting a room or apartment (it is much cheaper than hotel accommodation);
  • preparing yourself;
  • purchases goods in regular stores, bypassing the expensive resort places;
  • does not need a bunch of gifts for parents, friends and colleagues.

In General, living like a local.

It should be noted that in many States, especially in third world countries, the prices are surprisingly low by the standards of the Russian or European.

What if I want to and travel at the same time, and big money?

Need to make a bet to work with the Internet either succeed as a freelancer-pros, or to sell in your knowledge.

Mandatory insurance

So, the main thing — do not be afraid to seek their own, not to keep all four for “stability”, which is essentially still nothing more than an illusion.

However, to rush headlong in search of adventure and to buy a ticket in the first came to mind the country — a very dangerous decision.

Masha Dubrovskaya went to India not with virtually any a few hundred in his pocket. She had prepared for themselves a”financial cushion” — 5 thousand dollars. How much money you need to collect for the fulfillment of your dreams depends on the selected route. Pre-search information and do the calculations.

Will be very useful to think about participating in one of the insurance programs: the easy way to get injured or seriously ache of the stress.

Must be familiar with all the legal technicalities to answer the questions:

  • what is the deadline if you stay for a foreigner in the selected state?
  • it required a temporary registration?
  • is there a tourist tax and how is it collected?

Keep in mind that not all countries are safe for the visitor. Somewhere there is war, where some pretty heavy climate.

Finally, think carefully: give up on the edge of the world — it really is your desire? Maybe you just like a beautiful idea?

You’ll leave with your loved ones and favorite places of his native city. A lot of hard to start a family, let alone raise a child.

Sober prudence does not diminish the romantic mood, on the contrary, will be paying tribute to a big dream.

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