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How to save money in a crisis

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Regular economic and political crises have become a familiar part of reality. As a rule, the crisis phenomena in the economy hit hurt the pockets and Bank accounts of the population.

What you need to know about the crisis.

In the first place — should not be afraid of scary words coming from the TV. Global changes in the economy is at the same time new opportunities. Remember the last crisis of 2008 (and beyond). In 2009, the Russian stock market was recovering at a stunning pace, many customers (regular people!) simple public mutual funds received 200% per annum. That is investing in early 2009, 100 000, in the end, they received 300 000! Well, as for me.

So, first of all don’t panic. You need to understand the situation — what exactly are the negative consequences for you personally and for your savings. Crisis situations are very different, accordingly, different tools and need to invest money. However, some General tips can be given (more specific and relevant you can also find on our website — just follow the updates on the main page or subscribe to the newsletter).

Where to invest money in a crisis

One useful material on this subject, largely suitable to the topic of conversation in this article on our website already have: how to save money with high inflation. Although the crisis is not always associated with a high level of period of money supply, many of the conclusions in the previous article suitable for a range of situations:

  • A very good object for investment in times of turmoil and instability — a real (commercial) value, primarily precious metals. Bullion or investment coins slide for a few turbulent months can cool grow in value — especially because they are not threatened bankruptcy of the Bank. Of particular value are the material objects — that is, if you want to invest in the uma (Unallocated metal account) — think about it-do not collapse the entire banking system, is it not better to dig in the garden a small trunk with these precious metals?
  • Make specific financial decisions (e.g., in the spirit of the above: to withdraw money from your Bank account and buy some gold) should as early as possible, preferably at the first thunderous peals. Otherwise you risk to be late (the Bank will stop payment, the price of gold gets too high, etc.). Catch the beginning of a trend at all costs!
  • It is also necessary to closely monitor the changing situation — the beginning of a recovery in the economy can dramatically change the situation (simply by market sentiment).

It should also be noted that care should be taken to analyze (or use the advice of credible experts) specific financial instruments in which you intend to invest. Back to the burning example is the real estate market in 2008. As you probably remember, great then the price dipped so those who chased the “reliable attachment” as often advertise residential and commercial property, the authors of the guides on personal Finance, and hastily bought an apartment on the falling price of great lost. And those who waited for the fall — on the contrary.

Now, at the time of this writing, the crisis in Russia seems to be no. But if this is still going to happen — we will light it in the pages of the website “Collect-together” and will try to give the most useful recommendations.


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