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How to save money quickly?

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Human nature is such that we want everything at once. It is quite natural that the process of accumulation of money, too, want to accelerate as possible. And is it possible? Let’s face it.

Fast and reliable accumulation is a myth.

Unfortunately, with no problems save a significant amount of money in a short time is really impossible. Well, unless you consider the option, when you simply work three jobs, eat only stale rye bread, and drink water from the tap, collecting all the money in the jug. I’m sure 99% of the readers of these lines, such a path is fundamentally not suitable.

Alas, the accumulation is always quite a long and complicated process. If this were not so there would be no need to hoard. If you have a high income, allowing, for example, to save up for an apartment in Moscow for 3 months — we just have to limit their needs at this time — you makes no sense to have a piggy Bank: take the credit and be done with it.

Are there ways to accelerate the accumulation?

Of course.

For a start — will talk about the way that, in fact, devoted the entire website. Briefly explain the strategy, it turns out three pillars:

  • regularly putting money aside;
  • getting quality advice on the best investment (you can get from our site in reliable financial instruments;
  • finally, prudent management of your savings to combat inflation and receive additional income from investments.

The second method is a little more adventurous, but also has the right to exist.

Here is the point: 90% of accumulated funds (or at least 80%) you use in the first scenario. The remaining small portion (small in relative terms, in absolute it must be tens of thousands at least) is invested in risky instruments that have the potential, however, can bring good profit. However, even if you lose them — most will be untouchable. If you will have good luck, then the problem of the rapid accumulation of money will be solved.

What kind of high-risk and high-yield instruments? In short, it is: the PAMM-account, HYP, trust management on FOREX, stocks second and third tier, mutual Funds venture capital investments.

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