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How to save money when buying a car – tips

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The desire to buy a car not as a luxury but as a means of transportation quite clear.

Where are now without a car? It is possible and a child in school to deliver heavy products to bring, and get on vacation.

Where to buy a car, if you want to save?

To a person who is not able to repair the car, it is better to focus on the salons and take albeit not the most luxurious, but the new model. It will save money, podstrahovyvayas in case of breakdowns.

The same drivers who are well versed in the “guts” of the machine, it will be cheaper to buy a used car.


When buying a car BU it is useful to keep in mind the following points:

  • do not be limited to newspaper ads, search for a product in the “world wide web” (on avito.ru, etc.);
  • dealers prices are usually higher than sellers who want to gain money for their own car;
  • dealers are often disguised as ordinary cars, they are hard to find on Craigslist (the truth usually is revealed during a telephone conversation).

We will not, however, judge too harshly on resale firms. Sometimes working with them is truly profitable. For example, some of them are selling very good cars with mileage only at European, Japanese or American roads. Take note, if you are looking for a reliable car.

Interesting way to save money — buy a car in a city where the market is focused on a really attractive price for the customer.

In Russia it is:

  • Togliatti;
  • Naberezhnye Chelny;
  • Magnitogorsk;
  • Kursk;
  • Ulyanovsk and others.

Read on the net the actual ratings are updated periodically.

How to make sure the car is everything okay?

It is very important meticulously check the documents to compare the numbers body and engine. Check to see if the car is stolen, and will help database of traffic police of the Russian Federation http://www.gibdd.ru/check/auto/ or similar services.

However, sometimes it does not save even a Baza — VIN number can be broken. Really to be sure the legal purity of the deal will only appeal to professionals for diagnosis.

They also, incidentally, determines non-obvious technical defects. I doubt that the sort of thing worth saving — they require only a few thousand.

Trusting professionals to actively participate in the examination of themselves:

  • inspect the steering wheel, the gearshift pedal. Degree wash these items you will be able to understand how significant mileage;
  • rate of work lamps;
  • view, does not stall if the engine when turned to maximum the stove;
  • listen to the sound of the engine for suspicious taps;
  • the presence of wide gaps in body panels — a typical sign moved a car accident.

A prudent car owner will also need the tips from the article about saving on car maintenance.

Good luck to you!

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