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How to save money when buying kitchen – useful ideas

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When the future settlers think over the situation of the coveted nest, they are especially frightening upcoming purchase of a kitchen. This is one of the most expensive elements of the interior.

What is more profitable — to buy or to order?

It is hardly possible to give a definite answer to the question. Take decisions based on personal preferences and the desired time and to gain in both cases.

How — read below.

Savings when buying ready meals

Here are the most surefire ways to save money, buying headsets ready (they kind of repeat shared the secrets of choosing cheap furniture):

  • buy the right product, waiting for the sale;
  • do not chase the number of modules — the more, the higher the price;
  • look for patent leather or plastic facades — they look nice and are inexpensive;
  • the stove, sink and faucet sold separately — in specialty stores, not from the seller of kitchens;
  • pay attention to the suggestions of the local online stores.

If possible, do not pay for the Assembly. Man with hands growing from the right place, easily gather standard kitchen itself.

Attention! If you feel that the kitchen will have to be substantially fit the dimensions of the room and laterally-located communication, better book it to the individual dimensions.

Work on fitting is expensive and can change the look of the kitchen not for the better.


How can you gain, working with the master?

Would be cheaper to go not in the Studio, and the master entrepreneur, who works privately. However, this option is appropriate only when you have reason not to doubt the abilities and experience of the furniture.

Talk with friends — suddenly they will share their phone a real professional?

It is also relatively cheap cost order factory direct from the manufacturer.

A good way to save money — independent thinking through design. Do not worry, nothing complicated about it. The Internet is full of blueprints for every taste.

As for the cost of materials and components… With a successful combination of colors of the facade and the building will be without costs for the milling of facades. Let the colors will be good or echoing, or contrasting.

Try not to skimp on the countertops and hardware. Carefully choose the handle.

We wish you good luck! Let the kitchen will meet the highest expectations!

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