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How to save on car petrol, spare parts and other things

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The maintenance costs of the machine are sometimes so large that her owner is beginning to think seriously about the benefits of walking.

Do not rush to abandon the usual amenities that ensures you a private car. Just try to use them rationally.

The savings on gasoline: the basic methods

Of course, the main source of road cost is the fuel.

To pay less money at the pump, take note of the f ollowing simple rules:

  • carefully check the condition of the filter, immediately replace it in case of contamination — a dirty filter flows into the engine is too little air;
  • choose engine oil with low viscosity (it provides the least resistance elements), follow the exact line characteristics of the oil demands due to the technical characteristics of your machine;
  • frequently check the air pressure in the tire;
  • no real need do not include additional equipment like the stove, the radio, air conditioning, etc.
  • changing a car, choose a lightweight model;
  • look for promotions at the pump — for example, it is sometimes advantageous to refuel at night;
  • in winter, use special warmups to the engine;
  • do not drive at breakneck speed (the more revs the engine does, the more gasoline is consumed), try to avoid any sudden starts and stops.

One more note regarding the last point: Abrupt stops and starts inevitable in the rush hour. Avoid travelling in a time in which the probable traffic. Tube better overcome on foot.


Free car wash

Wash the car regularly. Don’t have to pay for this service. No one forbids you to allocate an hour of personal time a week to care for your beloved car.

Everything you need for such care funds are sold in a wide range. There are special cloths and shampoos.

If time is always running out, make your four-wheeled friend bathing in the areas of self-service. Convenient pressure washer will shorten the process at least twice.

Best car insurance

Without insurance can not do.

Look for a discount. Usually good discount up to ten percent — is available for complex CASCO or MTPL plus insurance.

It is possible that you will be able to find a discount for voluntary insurance, and not at the request of the Bank.

Maintenance of the machine without unnecessary costs

Many experts recommend saving on maintenance, carrying out it yourself. We suggest you like only if you are a qualified mechanic.

Bozo repair “at random” can lead to fatal consequences.

Save better due to the careful drive. Barring any accidents, routine maintenance of the new machine will cost is not particularly expensive.

Careful driving habits at the same time will help you avoid traffic fines.

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