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How to save up for a car?

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The popularity ranking of things in the modern world are hoarding money machine second only to private housing. How do you save up for your car? Are there ways to facilitate the process of raising money?

Of course, no particularly clever way, it can not be — the basis is always putting money aside and reasonable management. In this last you is designed to help our website well, and to postpone more — it is rather a question of psychology. Although we are also considering How to save money and without any damage to the level of consumption.

Now, actually to the accumulation of money on your own vehicle. Here all should be clear that it is definitely expensive, as their own property, but there is one important, fundamental difference.

Your car though, and an important part of life, but acting as collateral for the loan, it does not hang a sword of Damocles, as the living space, which can take them away in case of failure. Take away the means of transportation — not so bad, though unpleasant. What follows from this?

That can be applied the accumulation scheme to the apartment (we recommend it carefully to see) with some amendments:

  • You can collect first, slightly less than half of the required amount — say 40%.
  • You can do without additional reserve cushion for the first payments.
  • You can take out a loan for a relatively longer period of time — again, because the responsibility is not so much frightening (to stay with no luxuries or without a roof over your head).

Otherwise, everything remains the same. First collect the starting money (using the recommendations of our website), which reduce the term of the loan and get favorable terms. Then take the loan and try to pay it quickly. That’s all.
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