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How to save up for his own apartment?

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It is unlikely that in the article on such a painful subject need the traditional fake entry about how hard it is to live for a young family. Lower them and go straight to the point.

Many web articles about how to save for their housing. Unfortunately, of the variety often impossible to extract something useful. In the majority of publications presents traditional stupidities a La popular recipes rich dad:

  • save money — as much as possible;
  • to save, control costs and expenses;
  • to invest.

All of this is completely obvious to any more or less experienced person. On the other hand, the topic is really complicated (see simple calculations on the topic “what need a salary to save up for an apartment”, it would seem, what else could I say? However, something useful we, the creators of the project “Gather together” to recommend can. So.

A real plan of saving money to buy an apartment

Immediately discard the entire “preparatory bustle” — the collection of data on the cost of housing, selection options, etc. Surely you are well aware that such information going to have, it is simply necessary.

Step one — collect half of the required amount

Actually, this is the most difficult stage. Its successful implementation should help our site. Just in case briefly recall the basic idea:

  • You collect the minimum amount with which to begin to manage money for real. In this case you have to help a variety of psychological techniques, although actually everything is quite simple: you save money, holding himself in his fist.
  • Having 200-300 thousand virtually any and now we can start to active money management, in parallel with the process of laying. This you can do already with our full assistance. Our materials will help to cope with the period of money, and most importantly — always keep your nose to the wind, i.e. to invest their accumulated money in those tools and assets that are most relevant right now. This will provide additional income for your small (or big) the capital and to hasten the day when the goal is reached. To obtain all necessary information follow updates on the website.
  • When the goal (in this case — half of the amount needed to buy a home) will be collected almost (80-90 percent) — fix the money in most reliable instruments again, taking advantage of our recommendations.

Step two — choose a mortgage program and continue to save

By this point you have a considerable amount of money and experience of money laying. Now — right now! — it makes sense to think about the mortgage loan. And here’s why:

  • A mortgage is usually taken for long term. This explains its relatively low profitability for the client (see article “to save or to take out a mortgage”. Small interest on the loan, accumulates over a number of years according to the law of compound interest (when interest is charged on the original amount+previous interest) constitute a significant amount. If in 2 times to reduce the term — the law of compound interest will not have time to operate at full capacity.
  • Short period of time during which you will have to pay better projected. After all, if you take a loan for 15 years — during this time might change for the better and your earnings and property situation (it may be very cheaper) and many more. If you pay money to have 4-6 years — then this option is much quieter.
  • Under 50% fee is much easier to find favorable conditions, banks are much more willing to meet you.
  • You will have experience of setting aside money — and all required payments will not be a stone around his neck.

We emphasize that this rather long period (at least several months), you should dedicate to finding the best credit conditions and forecast the situation on the real estate market. In addition, at this time you will continue to save money, of which it is appropriate to draw up a reserve Fund in case of unforeseen situations, when an urgent need to make the payment, and you will not be able to do so.

Step three — the mortgage

Here are all relatively simple (provided that you did well in the previous stages. After receiving the loan should try to minimize the time of payment. Then he will get you the most beneficial in terms of saving on all those compound interest.

Contained in this material, the program is most effective. Without the borrowing to buy property is really difficult and often not necessary — as in the absence of his apartment have to pay rents (to live with relatives, and so on), which also requires costs. On the other hand, to take out a loan with empty pockets — it is extremely risky. Therefore, the most important stage — the first, the actual accumulation amount (not necessarily half, maybe in your case it would be better to collect 40% or 60% should be considered). Our project “Gather together” will try to help you to overcome all the difficulties associated with it!

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