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How to start making money in real estate almost from scratch using a mortgage

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The mortgage compose satirical poetry and joking. Some young couples are afraid of her to tremble at the knees and say something like: no, it’s better to buy his flat for forty years, than a lifetime to think about where to scrape together the money for the next installment.

Twenty-eight year old from St. Petersburg Alexander Ermolchik has issued over five (!) mortgages, but did not become the eternal captive of the banks. On the contrary, he himself is the winner.

Five apartments in the mortgage and three rooms in property

The story of Sasha in the details leads to the network edition of The Village (see the article here Lena vereshagino).

Ermolchik tried his hand at several professions, he moonlighted as a bartender, sell the phone, then engaged in the rental of limousines. Private business began to bring him profit, though not exorbitant.

For two years the guy I saved enough money and purchased the room on Ligovsky Avenue. It was located on the ground floor, two-bedroom apartment. There was already a permanent tenant, and Alexander was not to evict him — chose to receive a monthly fee for the hiring (at the time — 12 thousand virtually any).

Figuring that this money should be enough to pay their mortgages, Alexander Ermolchik issued to another room, with a larger area. This room has been divided into two helped daddy is a Builder.

After completing the redecoration of the owner of the resulting rooms passed them to two different people over 10 and 11.5 thousand virtually any. In the same year the young man made two more purchases — this time a little miscalculated. He bought a two-bedroom apartment in Devyatkino and quickly sold them to discover that they were not a very good investment.

The idea of earning on the resale of apartments, however, was more interesting than making a profit from the deal with square meters for rent. Soon Alexander took a chance and bought a flat in a new complex problem — it was delayed installation of engineering networks. The problem was solved for half a year, and reselling brought half a million of virtually any net profit.

Sasha began to invest in the acquisition of affordable housing with good potential. The chances of being defrauded real estate investors living in St. Petersburg, a small, but people are still afraid of the protracted. As a rule, in vain. Ermolchik bought two apartments almost at a zero stage of construction, and then the Studio, which was the developer and because the last were exhibited at the best price. Estimated earnings in the hundreds of thousands of virtually any.

From the forthcoming resale of two apartments purchased in the construction phase in Fishing, young man expects to receive about million: a magnificent view of the Neva coy is worth. More experience — more income.

Now to Alexandra five mortgages.

Mortgage payments are on average 20 thousand virtually any for the apartment. If you multiply that by 18 months (the average time until resale) will be 360 thousand virtually any. I put them in the Bank at 8% with an early withdrawal. Now the total monthly payment mortgage is 109 thousand virtually any.

Add that the rooms that are fully owned by Ermolchik as owner, he still rents.

With five apartments, the Sasha prefers to live with their parents. For him dwelling is the source of income.

The pros and cons of earning on the flats

To make checked Alexander the scheme may even the person who spends in the office almost all weekdays. The bulk of The work (including negotiating with the Bank, finding buyers or sellers), are easily carried out via the Internet and by phone.

The key to success is correctly selected object.

Buying the premises under the lease, it is necessary to look for an apartment or room that:

  • located (ideally close to the metro station or a large educational institution);
  • promise to significantly grow in value with moderate investments in the repair and furnishing.

Even better, you should pick up flat under resale. These are the cases worthy of attention:

  • real estate is cheap only for the reason that the seller urgently needs money;
  • house problem, but the problem surely will be solved in the foreseeable future;
  • there is an opportunity to purchase highly liquid apartment in a good area at the initial stage of construction.

To buy, note, it is advisable for the relevant property — that is, with a small area (Studio odnushki kopeck piece).

In the housing business can not do without legal assistance. Alexander, for example, allocated funds for the consultants and brokers. He is very kind to the legal side of the transaction in order to get a mortgage, one after another, you have to be very reliable customer with the Bank.

Sasha is very sensitive to the content of your credit history, it does not allow for delays in the payment of contributions. Ermolchik values its status of an individual entrepreneur with a steady income — not refuses to stick to only apartments.

To obtain a respectable profit outlined in the article by the way, without a doubt, really, but — you have to be prepared for difficulties. And it’s not only about the complexities, legal or financial plan. It requires nerves of steel (imagine the extent of the risk!) and not always brings moral satisfaction.

We must be prepared for misunderstanding, or even open disapproval from others. People who Drudge one mortgage on only one salary, can be indignant: what, what, five apartments?! that is because the speculator is profiting the easy way, because really doesn’t want to work! They are unlikely to agree to understand that the earnings for the delivery and resale of housing — also work, and require certain talents.

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