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Income in the decree: as a young mother earns joint purchasing

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Being a mom of a toddler is to a very special lifestyle. A baby requires almost constant attention. Free time mommy appears only when the baby is sleeping or playing under the supervision of relatives.

Is a matter of personal watch is not really only to deal with domestic Affairs, but also to earn extra money?

Imagine, Yes.

Good stuff at ridiculous prices

Kira”s been in my LJ blog, “When the child is healthy”. Here she talks about her job.

Preparing for childbirth, the girl began to look and where povygodnee buy everything you need for baby. Through the popular women’s forum future mother learned about collaborative purchasing. Tried to order a warm envelope for the son, and well saved in a regular store these envelopes were worth 500 virtually any more expensive.

First purchase inspired me and I continued to look at SP. Soon in our house there was a crockery, bought from a girl in the joint purchase, then a few dresses for me. I became a regular customer and SP-shek on the forum. On their own similar business I did not even think until my eyes caught site of Indian jewelry. The prices were so ridiculous, and the product is beautiful, I ventured to contact the shipping from abroad and started their own venture.

Kira prepared the application, suggesting decoration friends from the forum. The product was two months. There were a lot of doubts and fears, but they, fortunately, were in vain.

Friends started to share photos of purchases, and new orders fell one after the other. Subsequently, the young mother found other suppliers of costume jewelry (she now works with five), and in addition engaged in the procurement of toys and children’s clothing.

Now she has a stable income.

The pros and cons of joint procurement from the point of view of a curator

About the system SP, we have already told you: one person collects a large order and the supplier sells products at attractive for buyers of wholesale price.

What constitutes the income of the curator-mediator? From small surcharges on the price of the goods (from 5% to the cost). The cheaper the product, the higher the percentage. Buyers also pay shipping.

The organizer of the joint venture are entitled to receive their interest in cash or to choose on of them some items are imported.

It would seem, gives a very just and great, but every business has its difficulties.

Keira admits:

Of the minuses – the fear. Every time when contacting a new supplier, there are doubts about its reliability. But the money often go prepaid for the entire product. Another negative – harmful customers. After all, the organization of the joint venture is also working with people. Some refuse the order without warning, others find cheaper. There are dissatisfaction and the quality or size, but they can be solved.

The problem of reliability of the supplier — a sore point at first. When the curator establishes permanent contacts with several companies, he will not have to worry about deadlines and quality.

“Bad clients” — is, alas, forever. People who take to heart any negativity, procurement is better not to do.

Where to start, if you liked the idea?

Assume that among our site cases  you are keenly interested in this. What’s next?

  • Select the resource with which you will work. It doesn’t have to be a forum for communication on the loose threads. Now the Internet many sites that focused on the SP (for example, a hypermarket joint purchases “Opto Mama”). Administration of this site will help you to understand what was happening.
  • Read the quotations and try to choose the right product (it needs to be not only interesting, but also widely demanded).
  • Notify us of your desire to operate, check the conditions.
  • Make a test purchase.
  • Create a profile in a social network or a separate website, which will serve as a showcase. Photographs will be provided by the suppliers.

Well — act, guided by considerations of common sense. Learn from your own experience and that of colleagues. Success to you!

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