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Investing in new buildings – benefits and risks

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If you buy square meters only for the sake of many years of savings, it is best to give preference to a new apartment.

It does not matter if it is purchased under the “gray key” — an apartment without finishing even easier to resell.

The benefits of investing in a new property.

The main advantage of apartments in the constructed house — its availability. Operates a clear pattern: the sooner you sign the contract of participation in share construction, the cheaper it will get flat.

Here’s how grows the cost per square meter as performing works (according to RBK-Nedvizhimost):

  • at the stage of excavation pit — 0%;
  • during the construction of the lower floors — 10%;
  • during the construction of the middle and top floors — 10%
  • during the execution of the finishing works — 10%;
  • after commissioning — 5%.

In total more expensive per square meter by 35% or more.

However, too rush into buying a not always safe.

Probable risks, which need to think in advance

Sometimes — rarely, though — the developer fails to bring the project to fruition. Shareholders remain with the contracts on hand, but without apartments. Of course, in this case, will start the proceedings. Sooner or later the situation is resolved and losses compensated, only someone as pleasant bother?

Preferred to buy an apartment, when the company will take the case and will perform well.

However, some guarantee may serve as a previously acquired reputation. Be sure to hover about the Builder details.


  • the period of existence of the organization;
  • the number of successfully delivered homes;
  • the facts of her participation in the trials;
  • periods prior outages, etc.

Choosing a house for investment, you should treat it as if looking for the perfect nest for themselves. In any case, you should not make a deal only one of the pictures and descriptions. Be sure to find time to go to the place.

Picky, rate the surrounding area. Make sure that in the vicinity there is all necessary infrastructure — good roads, grocery stores, pharmacies, and educational institutions.

Look, there are no nearby objects that can frighten off prospective buyers. Many people are reluctant to live near industrial complexes, noisy and dusty highways, railroads.

One significant downside to investing in new buildings is a relatively long-term profit expectations. Multi-storey building is based on the average of two years. Sometimes the process is delayed until the five-year plan.

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