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Investing in real estate – under what conditions is it beneficial?

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Investing in real estate is one of the simplest investment vehicles. In order to buy an apartment, do not need to become an expert on financial transactions; most importantly — have money.

Only is it always beneficial to exchange savings in square meters?

The use of an additional housing

When planning the purchase of an apartment or home, consider how you will handle future property.

Possible three options:


  • the room through a short period of time is required for the relatives who are in your care (elderly parents or younger children);
  • it is planned to sell the purchased property at a higher price;
  • you will take shelter in the lease, receiving with his monthly income.


By far the clear perspective provided only in the first case: a new home will bring the family extra comfort, which if necessary will be abandoned.

But with the resale and renting it is easy to miscalculate.

Whether or not to buy an apartment for rent or resale?

Avoid the temptation to buy cheap area, attracted by the word “estate” as such.

Your investments will come to fruition if the apartment (house):

  • located in the developing city close to infrastructure include roads, shops, health facilities, kindergartens and schools;
  • is in very good or excellent condition;
  • will receive proper care (especially important when buying a private house — if the wooden structure will stand for at least one unheated the winter, it will probably have to re-do a repair);

Letting space for rent: all is so simple as it seems?

If you believe that to be a landlord — happiness, you are deeply mistaken.

First, the temporary owners are not interested to take care of someone else’s property, and to punish them financially, alas, is difficult.

Second, the residential apartment, even with careful treatment requires regular (and expensive!) repair.

Finally, the soul of tenant — darkness. You don’t know his habits and principles. What if he, sorry, will turn your investment into a bustling hangout? To explain to the police have you.

And another bitter pill to swallow. The apartment, which is bought for delivery vnaym, usually… pays for itself in 18-20 years. More advantageous purchase of apartments for the cost of them in the best scenario, back in your pocket after 11-13 years.

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