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Is it profitable to buy via the Internet, and if so, what?

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To have access to the Internet is now as natural as using gas and water. Network we need not only for entertainment but also to solve quite practical problems.

For example, it is convenient to select different items: sit in your favorite chair, watching pictures, compare the characteristics of…

Cm. How to shop through the Network

Shopping through websites is profitable or not?

Usually, online purchases are made at a lower cost than offline. The owners of online stores don’t get too zealous with the markups because the remote trading requires a relatively small organizational expenses.

For doing this business no need to rent a commercial space in the city centre to spend money on a presentable display cases and other furnishings for the hall. Products can be safely stored in the warehouse, and to work with customers is quite enough several managers sitting “on the phone”.

However, in one aspect shops sites sometimes inferior to conventional. We mean the complexity of the delivery, that result for the buyer additional costs.


Not to get too expensive to pay for shipping when ordering through the “world wide web”:


  • focus primarily on stores of your city or nearest metropolis;
  • see if you can pick up your order from the office of the company;
  • see if there are some suggestions in order to save on courier services (e.g., free shipping for orders of 5 thousand roubles);
  • buy the necessary things on several pieces at once — the money is usually taken for a trip as such (I decided to buy a vacuum cleaner — think not will need soon a new iron);
  • if the goods are heavy and you do not live on the ground floor and in the house there is no lift in advance invite to help a couple of broad-shouldered friends — lift a heavy box up the stairs is expensive and substantially more expensive with each passing floor.


What do people buy online?

The Internet is more likely to buy:

  • household appliances and major appliances and small appliances;
  • more items — jewelry, toys, etc., they are called buzzword hand-made;
  • goods for children;
  • branded cosmetics;
  • sporting goods;
  • household items;
  • unique gifts;
  • books.

Now gradually gaining momentum in the business is remote selling clothes and shoes.

Residents of big cities and major regional centres have the opportunity to order things with the fitting. Fitting is often done right at home upon receipt of the order — the courier is waiting for 15-30 minutes and you will end up paying him only the clothes that fit well.

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