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Is it worth to open your own company: for and against

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Open a private company simply – just collect a small package of documents and come with him to the tax. According to the Federal Law “On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs”, the procedure for issuing an IP takes no more than 5 days. Registration of an LLC or an open joint-stock company also does not require any excessive hassle.

But to keep a newborn company afloat and turn it into a lucrative business is really a task from the tasks. There can be so serious difficulties that you think: “Was it better to concentrate on the usual work or to look for options for obtaining additional income , not associated with such a serious burden?”

What is the headache of an entrepreneur?

To work for oneself means to feel enormous responsibility all the time . If you create a PI only for self-employment (for example, to sell a hand-maid), you will have to constantly worry:

  • Whether it will be possible to find the necessary quantity of buyers;
  • whether the customers will be satisfied with the goods / service provided.

The same people who swing wider – rent a room, hire employees and partners – in addition, will have to constantly think about the interests of many outsiders.

My business is daily stress . Just work on the flow will not work, you have to invent one scheme for promoting the firm after another. Competition is everywhere. Even having created a demanded company of a fundamentally new type (we will present such an opportunity purely theoretically), you will not remain in the market alone. The idea is instantly picked up by people who have both rich experience and enviable resources.

What about the main impact – profit? Open an article in which we quote the advice of experienced businessmen to entrepreneurs-beginners. Oleg Tinkov warns that making a profit in the first year of the company’s existence is a dizzying success. A young organization can work for a long time at a loss to the owner.

Beautiful side of the medal

The entrepreneur has no career growth ceiling . A family firm, with the right approach and having the proper talent, can really be raised to the level of an international corporation. Similarly, with incomes: in honest business everyone gets by abilities.

Of course, freedom does not have to be talked about freedom , which businessmen allegedly have – businessmen do not belong to themselves, but to business. However, you will get certain comforts – at least, you will decide on what day to go to the dentist and in what month to allocate time for vacation.

Finally, the main advantage of stable work is “not with your uncle”: you will respect yourself and feel that life is not in vain. Businessmen change the world no less than the genius of art or politics.

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