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My business: how successfully to start and not burn in the first months?

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So, you, having weighed all the pros and cons , decided to open a firm. Well, act, good luck to you!

Just read this article first. It contains excerpts from the experience of entrepreneurs who have already been able to bring their business to a high level.

Mistakes that kill business

In the article “26 Tips for Beginning Startups from Experienced” on “Habrahabr” successful Internet entrepreneur Nikita Semenov notes:

When I created my startups and startups for my clients, I came to the conclusion that 95% of all startups are fundamentally wrong in creating new companies and therefore burn out.

Beginners admit surprisingly similar miscalculations:

  • attach excessive importance to the idea of ​​business (came up with something original – it means that everything will turn out all right);
  • consider that at the first stage the main thing is the search for investments;
  • concentrate on product development, not really thinking about its further implementation;
  • do not understand the principles of modern management – it is relevant for people aged over forty;
  • succumb to the “teen syndrome” – that is, they think they have understood the essence of the matter and clearly imagine every meter of the path to success.

Right start

Extremely important is the approach to choosing a promising direction.

In the poll “Soviets of experienced businessmen” from “Forbes” the general director of the company “Car repair systems” Alexey Komissarov expresses such an idea:

We need to start by looking for potential customers. The most successful businesses remove the “headache” of consumers, and do not offer them “vitamins”. Look for problems at work or think about the difficulties that you face in everyday life. And what can be proposed to prevent these difficulties.

The presence of competition should not frighten, but think about competitors, carefully study them – it is necessary:

When you see for yourself and can convince others that your decision is better (faster, more convenient, cheaper, more reliable, etc.), your idea has the right to further development.

From Design to Action

Oleg Tinkov, one of the most famous Russian entrepreneurs, writes in his author’s book “How to become a businessman”:

The analysis of the idea should be done on a napkin in a restaurant, but the business plan must be written, it will help structure your thoughts. You have to clearly imagine the 4P marketing: product, price, place, promotion.

At first “all thoughts should concentrate on the first ruble”. The key question in the launch period is how to make money?

Interaction with the client should be built step by step:

  1. acquaint the user with the products;
  2. persuade him to make a purchase;
  3. turn the client from casual into permanent.

The sure way to please the buyer is to learn to take care of his time. It is impossible to ignore modern technologies that simplify the process of finding and receiving goods.

We must understand that success does not come instantly. The first year can only bring loss of money, and this is normal. On the second it is desirable at least to go to zero, and the third – to make a profit.

Naturally, there will be difficulties and mistakes. But there will be small victories. “Do not hesitate to celebrate any events – the first customer, the first ruble, the first million customers, the first ten million customers,” advises Tinkoff. “It’s important to fix the stages of success in your brain.”

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