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Savings on discounts and coupons – the basic rules

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Search of discounts and goods on promotions in the stores — the most popular way of saving among the Russians; to regularly search for special offers on everyday goods became accustomed to 36% of buyers. Such data recently published by research holding “ROMIR”.

However, there are far more graceful ways to save money. Discounts, coupons — only an additional tool for the rational allocation of Finance. He has not only advantages but also serious disadvantages.

Savings on share — tricks

Searching out the super offers running for all urban stores, it’s pointless. To follow news of this kind, it is advisable to subscribe to some specialized site, for example:

  • Groupon;
  • Biglion;
  • Benefit;
  • Kupongid;
  • Bumbat;
  • Couponica and so on.

Also should join a local focus group (say, “Free shares Vladivostok”) Vkontakte or other social networks.

Finally, pay attention to the coupons that are published in entertainment magazines.

Now you have access to hundreds of current discounts.

Don’t be fooled!

Try to analyze each sentence and see what it caused.

Regular discounts — for example, new year is very often due to anticipatory price increases and are nothing more than the sale of goods at their normal cost.

But, say, cheaper services or goods at the stage of formation of the new company and really deserve attention. When the firm just enters the market, it can not afford solid cheat. Its main task is really to please customers, to please them.

Very low price for which like no reason — suspicious lure. Do not “fooled” on it until you find credible feedback about the seller. The caution will allow you to promptly see whether the firm sells inferior products.

Carefully study the conditions under which is a particular bonus. Often coupons that allows you to get a discount on a certain action, you need to buy — let’s say you pay 300 for virtually any a coupon informing the website makes a profit, the company guaranteed the client.

Is that buying coupons is not necessary, but is required to register on the official Internet resource of the company or to bring a friend.

The differences between the discounts on products and services

Keep in mind that impressive discounts on things more often fictitious than the service (for example, treatment of caries, performing ultrasound, hair styling).

However, the search for profitable services are also needed eyes and the eyes. Beware of service that may require significant co-payments for materials, training, etc.

The last and The main: do not use coupons just because you have them.

Spontaneous purchases, especially expensive — often, an absolute evil. It accidentally purchased things form blockages, which then needlessly gathering dust in the attic.

Want to spend money efficiently — make thought-out budget and follow it.

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