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The deception of investors: the basic techniques of scammers and tricksters

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The man who has savings is an attractive potential victim for petty criminals. Fraudsters came up with dozens of ways to cheat unsuspecting investors.

Tell at least some of the fraud schemes.

The tricks of real estate.

The investment in square meters is considered one of the most reliable way to save money. Alas, in the real estate market, you can very well get burned.

Need to look out for:

  • “impose” illiquid square (for the sale of a lost object, sometimes the agent is entitled to the Commission in 45%, naturally, he is interested to convince the client of the benefits of the transaction);
  • excessive charges;
  • double sales;
  • disguising the huge size of the related taxes (for wealthy people who buy apartments in the countries with progressive taxation system, etc.

The saddest thing is that in most cases cheating “on real estate” formally looks like a perfectly legitimate deal, and the poor buyer is unable to defend their rights. For example. when buying apartments abroad client can easily cheat by giving him the translation of the contract with imprecise meaning.

The deception of investors that invest money in securities

Classics of the genre — inflating the bubble. A crook posing as an insider, and begins to professionally organize hype by creating artificial demand for shares of a firm.

Paper diverge at an inflated price, which, of course, after a while with a crash falls.

Brokers scams often are cashing in, selling for a crazy price hot us stocks (real, but small, and barely getting by all). Novice investors bribing foreign names.

Imaginary banks

A clean reputation well-known banks — a convenient decoy. Crooks often call themselves the authorized representatives of the organization and supposedly speak with her initiatives.

To check whether there is in fact a particular contribution, easy.

It is sufficient to contact the Bank directly to clarify information.

Dishonesty startups

When investing in a startup should be wary of the cunning partners that hide the growth of profitability of the enterprise.

This figure is what counts, because the investor usually has the right to a percentage of the sale.

There is also the reverse situation — the overstatement of the financial indicators with the aim to convince the investor in the success of the project and to make him become generous again.

Investment fraud on the Internet

In the Network from time to time appear online platform of a large financial pyramid companies in which the income first investors is provided only at the expense of attraction of the next.

For example, there is a firm that specializiruetsya on P2P lending. It promises to increase the funds of investors through financial participation in future projects, and actually spends the money to pay earlier investors, lush advertising and the personal needs of the founders.

Some people are caught in a “favourable” offers that come via e-mail.

If you are offered an investment with zero risk and great interest, it is likely divorce. Scammers love to catch investors in exotic — to convince them to invest, say, in reed plantation. Plantation in the end turns out to be fictional, and the funds deposited in the accounts, which are difficult to identify due to the use of tax havens.

Do not believe anyone on the word!

Be especially careful when it comes to disclosure of personal data. Information about your Bank accounts, social security number, passwords to email and other private information can all be used against you.

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