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The money transfer methods, their pros and cons

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So, you need to make a money transfer, and time on looking through the literature on the topic you have.

Read this article. It briefly is contained all the information you need.

The main ways to transfer money

The transfer may be by post or Bank. Also there is a third option — using one of the special systems (Western Union, Contact, Money Gram and so on.).

Features Bank transfer

“Throw” money through the Bank is easy — it is necessary either to contact the nearest office or to perform the operation through a virtual private office, or use the ATM.

The big banks have system and domestic and international wire transfers.

The size of the fee in most cases is moderate, at an average 0.5-1% of the amount. However, it varies depending on the selected transfer mechanism, the magnitude of the amounts involved and the remoteness of the region.

The only serious disadvantage of this method is that the sender and the recipient must already have an open account in a particular Bank.

If the person is in need of money, is in a remote Outback, and you are a resident of the capital, spoiled by the variety of financial institutions, with translation difficulties.

How easy to use mail service?

Mail is good for transfers within the state, its branches not only in cities but also in villages. But using it to transfer money abroad quite problematic.

Pleasant except in certain countries — primarily neighboring countries and the Baltic. Bank transfer to Germany or, say, the UK through the CV will not be accepted.

Another uncomfortable moment of time.

That money is held in Russia for two or three days, will have to look for the office, which is the electronic exchange. When handling to normal OPS should prepare for the fact that the amount come about a week later.

However, when a translation is not a magic wand for poor, trapped in a force majeure circumstances, as a gift to the birthday, time is not a big trouble. You just need to attend to the transfer of money in advance.

What constitutes a special system?

In Russia are widely known:

  • UniStream;
  • Anelik;
  • Contact;
  • Western Union;
  • Money Gram;
  • The Golden crown.

These systems have in common. They have a solid network of branches, “forward” money to almost any country and deliver them in minutes.

The sender comes with the passport and the sum, fills in the request, and then transfers the amount to the cashier. The recipient retrieves the translation by ID number.

Of course, the service is not free. Rates in each system, and sometimes they are quite high. Compare them in advance to avoid an unfortunate surprise.

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