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To invest in the business and not to regret: recommendations

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Want to accumulated money to work with maximum efficiency and generate substantial profits? Invest it in promising startups.

But do not hurry with the choice. In the event of an error, you risk losing all the savings.

Where to find a truly worthy project?

The now fashionable word “start” stands for “beginning of process”. This term is denoted by commercial initiatives that are under development.

There are several ways to meet developers who are looking for investors:

  • to read ads on universal resources (Avito ru, etc.);
  • to study the relevant materials on exchanges for online start-UPS (e.g., services Smipon, Boomstarter);
  • to become a guest of one of the many events focused on support of beginning businessmen — they are usually conducted with the support of regional authorities.

Especially seriously consider the third option. The thematic of the conference you will hear presentations of a variety of completely different projects and — most importantly — to get acquainted with the expert assessments.

What startups have a future?

If you wish, you will be able to find a young business in any field of activity, from industrial production and social welfare to Internet marketing and the entertainment industry.

Focus on the sphere, which is able to navigate, not only on IT

Cm. When is it profitable to invest in a website?

Councils to investor

A common mistake investors — the pursuit of externally solid business initiatives.

The modern world is multifaceted. Sometimes absurd at first glance “cool” services and products bring more profit than the tangible rural sawmill. Here is an example: among the successful startups of recent years are a virtual simulator of a cat and a self-cleaning t-shirt.

Look for projects that have a “trick” — something new, memorable, allowing you to attract the attention of the consumer who is inundated with thousands of different proposals.

However, do not succumb to the charm of the idea itself.

It is important that developers could not only come up with something worthwhile, but also to implement the idea in real life. To assess the adequacy of young entrepreneurs will help their business plan.

It needs to contain a minimum of abstract beautiful words and a maximum sound calculations, as well as a well-defined scheme of monetization.

Noticing specific startup, be sure to check whether there is something similar. Many initiatives (and sometimes unexpected even for the author himself) replicate projects already implemented abroad. Information about the fate of similar companies will allow you to soberly assess the real potential of newborn ideas.

Remember about the importance of the legal component. Sometimes a fundamentally important role in the fate of a startup is the presence of an already issued patent to promote the invention. Otherwise, the innovation at the first claim to success will be the production of more enterprising competitors.

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