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What families spend money: list of key costs

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To properly prepare the budget, we need to figure out what needs you need money.

The list given in this article, is unlikely to be for you, but it will help you not to forget about the key items of expenditure.

The main costs — what they are?

As a rule, money families with the average level of welfare is distributed on:

  • food;
  • the purchase of necessary things;
  • utilities;
  • education and development,
  • health;
  • rest and leisure.

The sequence, note that in most cases it turns out exactly like this (but won’t say. what it definitely is correct).

The cost of food

According to the FCO, the family in Russia spends on food approximately 26.5 per cent of total revenue. The money often goes not only for food but also for regular visits to the dining room or café.

Many people find it difficult to get home at lunchtime, is more convenient for them to go to business Lunches at the office nearest to the point catering.

However, some office workers prefer a more cheap way to eat in the middle of the day — take lunch from home. And is not the only opportunity to save money on food. Other tricks here.


Various important purchase

Approximately 13.5% of the spending accounts for the purchase of clothes and shoes.

In addition to updating the wardrobe finances are spent on:

  • appliances, electronics;
  • materials for repair and finishing;
  • furniture, interior elements;
  • household chemicals;
  • baby products.

Payment for comfort

Each family receives a utility bill. A charge it is usually about 4.7 % of the household budget.

The level of costs for light, heat, Internet and other benefits of civilization depends on:

  • features communications (for example, gas heating is much more accessible coal);
  • area of the apartment;
  • thrift tenants — see How to spend less on utility bills?

Tuition and educational circles

Now parents are willingly spending large sums on the talents of the child. Sometimes the baby goes on the three circles at once. A variety of services in the sphere of additional education, of course, not free.

More significant costs may begin when the child grows up and it comes to revenues. It is difficult to ensure that precious child will go to College on a nonprofit basis.

From time to time to pay for the education necessary for adults — for example, when there is a need to overcome language courses before traveling abroad.

Medicine — doctor, medicine

While the family members all more or less healthy, money is required for:

  • preventive and monitoring visits to doctors;
  • vitamins;
  • fitness club or a gym.

This is a moderate amount.

When someone begins to seriously ill, medicine can instantly grab a third of the budget, if not half.

The most enjoyable

Oh, and last but not in order of importance.

Impossible to spend money on useful things that it is necessary to write and fun — a nice vacation, cinema, jewelry, etc.

Almost every family has a specific thing cost some contain a pet that only eats prepared food, others care for the garden-a vegetable garden, buying fertilizers and seedlings.

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