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What salary you need to save up for apartment

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Here is a typical situation. You have a permanent job and get a stable salary, which is more or less enough to meet the basic needs — food, clothing, payment for utility services. One day you know what even can save each month a certain amount of money in a “stash”.

A few months “stash” is starting to look impressive. There is an idea: yeah, there’s so many that would be enough for a good computer (kitchen, stylish clothes from a boutique, purebred cat, used car, depending on individual preferences). If it went well why not aim at a big target — for an apartment?

Let’s think how great must be your salary to account for the regular replenishment of the home piggy Bank you have managed to improve their living conditions in the foreseeable future.

Flat roads now, it for anybody not a secret.

To dream of housing in the city center until we are. Consider a relatively modest version — the “odnushka” in a provincial town. Is the object of desire on average more than 1 million 300 thousand roubles — if, of course, you do not try to move the wooden architectural wonder, the barracks with shared toilet on the street.

Let’s say you are ready to put 10 Grand in a month (a pretty good indicator for most Russian families). How long will it take to save? Take a calculator or straining the brain… So-So. For the year is 120 thousand, and in 11 years — 1320. Set up a piggy Bank at the age of 30, to 40 your angle is.

But if you can cut from the salary in 6 thousand (more realistic for a provincial young family)? Then — 18 years. However, we do not consider that for such a long period the price will change.

And is considered the ideal situation but in some cases you can not save money every month.

Do the math yourself, at what age you will be able to celebrate the housewarming. Annoying get insights.

It is quite acceptable to save for an apartment in the Bank (glass Bank) if you are able every month to allocate to the reserve at least 250-350 thousand.

However, you need to remember that even during the three years in the volatile world of Finance is able to happen is very significant shocks that are difficult to predict in advance.

Much cheaper housing in smaller towns and villages with poor social infrastructure. They still really need to acquire the necessary square meters at a price of 500 thousand virtually any.

Hardly anyone, however, would dream about a small, simple and illiquid (that is, using a small demand, bad pay back the money) apartment in the city center.

What would it be? Here’s what: for 90% of the people in our country simply dial the desired amount from the salary it is impossible. Is there an alternative? Is it possible to do something? Yes!

You just need to get away from glass jars. You need to learn how to manage their money so not to allow inflation to eat. Need to earn extra income on your capital. And in this you will help our site.

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