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What work is promising: stereotypes and reality

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In everyday conversations about the prospects for a particular job, they are often judged by the very nature of the profession: they say that being a bank employee is promising, but going to a cafe or a cook at a factory is a lifelong job and earning a penny for food.

Statistical summaries of the best employment options are compiled taking into account the average salary in the industry and the actual need for the latter in the cadres.

Both approaches justify themselves in part. To properly assess their own opportunities in terms of career, it is necessary to consider a few more circumstances.

Professions in which it is supposedly easy to succeed

First, we will outline the general picture in the form in which it is customarily presented, and then we will add some significant adjustments.

Especially lazy, we recommend giving priority to the last paragraphs of the article.

Ideal work in the opinion of the majority

According to the portal (see article “Perspective professions in Russia” with an overview of statistical data):

85% of entrants consider promising specialties related to economics, management, IT, jurisprudence and foreign languages. However, after graduating and starting to work, recent graduates quickly change their minds.

Break through in these industries to a high level is only the most capable and stubborn.

The real life of most people with the diploma of İzsa is not traveling with diplomatic missions, but teaching in a language school plus regular part-time work (translation of instructions to household appliances, tutoring).

IT specialists are sometimes not at all easier: who will take a young guy who knows one or two programming languages ​​to an elite place in a solid IT corporation? The guy will have to settle for a long time in some small city firm and freelance from time to time.

On the lack of demand for lawyers and economists with a basic level of qualifications, you probably already heard: the topic is discussed for a long time, but any stereotypes, unfortunately, are remarkable for their vitality.

The best specialties from the position of employment centers

Employees of employment centers understand the situation firsthand. You will find articles on the advantages of professions related to production (in mechanical engineering, power engineering, timber industry, oil industry complex, construction) on the websites of the DSM.

Dorpushim, the main department for labor and employment of the population of the Chelyabinsk region reports:

Very high demand for skilled work specialties. For example, an experienced electric gas welder, a tower crane operator can always find a job with a decent salary.

Yes, many workers with higher education do receive a good salary and have career prospects – real chances of eventually becoming a master, an engineer.

But will all work at the enterprise suit? Is it worth it to go to the plant with a person with obvious humanitarian abilities?

Signs of work that you really should hold on to

Work is really promising if it:

  • is interesting to a person, corresponds to the nature of his character;
  • allows several different abilities to be realized simultaneously;
  • confidently gives a chance to qualify for higher earnings either in the case of improving the quality of work (horizontal career), or in obtaining a higher position (vertical career).

Interest in business is mandatory. Without it, the specialist will not be able to effectively acquire new competencies – professional growth will constantly require artificial motivation and costly volitional efforts.

Working at the intersection of talents provides the employee with a competitive advantage over colleagues with a similar education. If, say, a programmer knows how to write good code, and at the same time turns out to be a good organizer, he is not too far from the head of the department. Further, having felt, how the firm works, he can open the similar company.

Arguing about the prospects of the profession, it is necessary to pay attention to its specifics and only then to evaluate the status of a particular enterprise.

It is not so important for creative workers to start in a company in which a career ladder can be traced five steps forward. A good journalist does not have to become an editor and immediately get into the most solid edition of the region. He will be able to make a name for himself, even working in a modest city newspaper. And with the name it will not be difficult for him to move to more attractive working conditions.

People working in a strictly defined commercial, industrial or managerial niche , on the contrary, must carefully select a company. Working in a tiny private shop, the seller will not achieve the increase for years. Settled in a network supermarket, he with the appropriate zeal for several years will grow to the territorial network manager.

Total: the secret of the right choice

As you can see, there is no universal profession guaranteeing success. You just have to think and actively look for your own, and do not keep your hands and feet for the first post you got.

If, on the other hand, it’s impossible to part with the usual inadequately paid work due to objective circumstances, it’s worth at least try to squeeze out of it the maximum of benefits.

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