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Where to invest a million virtually any the main options

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How to dispose of the sum of six zeros?

Hide it in the cupboard, at least, ridiculous. The money may well have to work and make some profit.

Task is beneficial to attach 1 000 000..

If you do not feel ready to invest in financial instruments, avoiding to start an ordinary Deposit. Determine the amount in the Bank for the long term at a good interest.

Many people since the restructuring preserved the fear of losing money by entrusting them to the Bank. In the anxiety, usually in vain.

In Russia not the first year operates the Deposit insurance system. If any organization loses the license, investors are losing not all. Agency insurance returns amounts not only to a million, but even a little more.

Tangible assets

You are unlikely to buy for 1 000 000 completed properties, but a little digging, you will be able to invest in share building (see about the pros and cons of this investment option).

Buying an apartment in a new building which is under construction the first floor you have a great benefit — and to the completion of the works decorated on you area to grow significantly in price. If necessary, it will be able to resell with profit.

It is possible that in your case you should think about the mortgage. You make the entry fee, the remaining amount put on the Deposit and monthly will to invest part of their salaries into a new apartment, like in a piggy Bank. Subsequently, housing will be useful for the children will allow them to comfortably begin an independent life.

Sometimes it makes sense to invest in opening a small business or in another viable startup.

Million — a significant sum for many IT projects (see When justified investment in the site?). It will be an acceptable Foundation for:

  • the creation of mini-bakeries;
  • purchase coffee-machine;
  • service of pizza delivery;
  • a small repair shop, etc.

Mutual funds, Forex, stock

Buying stocks, you invest finances in an existing market player. It is convenient. However, the stock is clearly successful players are very expensive, and the potential of the young company it is easy to overestimate.

From gross errors warn an experienced private trader, consultant or employee of a brokerage firm.

Consider also the possibility of investing in mutual Funds and PAMM accounts.

PIF — unit investment Fund, one of the forms of collective investments. The essence of The mechanism is simple: you buy a certain share of the Fund and give the management company a chance premuniti your capital.

PAMM-account (PAMM management module percentage distribution) involves the transfer of funds in trust management to professional players who earn money on Forex.

Any activity in the financial markets, of course, is fraught with risk. We would not recommend you immediately turn the whole million in stock, or completely off the shares of the mutual Fund. Let some money stay in the Bank and will be your emergency reserve for a rainy day.

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