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Where to invest little money – the options

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To believe that financial management is the inheritance of the Rockefellers, at least naive. Money — any should work. Not even a very impressive sum, the accumulated man of modest means, it is possible to invest… in what?

But now, we find out.

Application for a modest savings.

If you have the savvy to really increase even platystrophia amount (for example, on buying and reselling cheap tradable goods or the purchase of equipment to provide the simplest of services).

However, we going to mean by “small money” is not a couple of hundred virtually any, and at least several of the five thousandth bills. We suspect that most readers interested in precisely this level.


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Bank Deposit with capitalization

Examine the actual offers Bank, trust, and determine the money on Deposit.

If the amount is small and to part with it easily, try to pick a contribution with capitalization (even affordable interest rate in this case may not be very high).

The capitalization of the Deposit is regular (monthly or quarterly) transfer of interest. In each subsequent period the interest is calculated on a more large sum, which gives obvious benefits.

It makes sense to open a Deposit with replenishment. Now the amount is small, but over time you will double or triple.

The purchase of coins of precious metals

May your savings be enough to buy a few coins of gold and silver. They have the potential of growth of prices due to exchange rate fluctuations and increased collector’s value.

Coins at once, or can then be put on the so-called “metal Deposit” — the interest on it calculated in gold (silver). Take assessed as valid in the metal, and cash.

Warn, however, that for the profitable investment of this kind need to follow courses and to correctly predict the situation.

Options for particularly hazardous

If you are interested and it is not difficult to understand the mechanisms of functioning of currency markets, try to play in Forex. Information on “How to play on Forex” on the Internet weight.

Not too encouraging yourself — guaranteed profit in this case should not wait.

We will add that the owner of the 25-30 thousand already virtually any readily available tools such as PAMM-accounts and mutual Funds.

Investing in yourself

A little money would one day make a decent profit if you take them on effective self-development.

For example, 15 000 — 20 000 virtually any will be enough to pay for any courses (makeup, decoupage, photography, etc.) that will allow you to start a small business. Money, perhaps, will remain, and the necessary tools.

This small business does not have to occupy all your time. Perhaps it will only be part-time and — part-time — a pleasant hobby.

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