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Where to invest money to make it work: options

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This article is not addressed to investors with the experience and the people, who have accumulated a certain amount, and although with a mind to dispose of it.

We will focus on the options for the investment of a relatively modest capital of one million-two.

The use of financial instruments.

You probably know that one of the most promising mechanisms for the accumulation of money — an investment in the shares.

However, to get involved in the stock without proper training is dangerous. First, you can confuse the crooks. Secondly, you risk to make serious mistakes without any “assistance” solely to inexperience.

Somewhat less risky to deal with bonds, especially when it comes to government securities. To make money work in a similar way, it is necessary to compile a portfolio of bonds of different types and then time to repay it.

Highly doubt its its willingness to study the plans of financial markets?

Well, then use a tool that requires only passive participation.

Buy a share in a mutual Fund and the management company will let your money to work, forcing them to make a profit. To pick a mutual Fund will help the ratings of the funds yield.

Stipulate that all the above mentioned options do not guarantee you a stunning profit. It is possible to win. but you can miscalculate.


Property is good use for investment.

A relatively small amount, it is advisable to spend on participation in shared construction.

Apartment in new building is much more expensive as its construction, and square footage in the house is already rented fairly easy to resell. Further increase in price will allow a minimal repair.

Substantial savings to invest in commercial real estate purchase, say, office with a view to its subsequent lease.

The investing savings in business

Of course, let’s not forget about another way to put money to work — invest in the business.

Either open your business or support promising startup.

About the intricacies of choosing a startup as an object for investment, we have already written.

An ordinary Bank Deposit

If the proposed scheme seem to be too risky, without further ADO, take the money in the Bank and open a Deposit with a good interest.

More than half a million, it is desirable to split between multiple banks in case of sudden revocation of the license originally from your chosen financial institution.

Think and make a good decision!

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