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Whether to insure the life and health recommendations

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Health insurance and even life is still perceived as something extraordinary out of the ordinary.

There are understandable psychological reasons. It is much easier to think about the prevention of loss, possible loss of ownership, than to speculate about a possible disability or death.

When this precaution is justified exactly?

The trouble is able to look in absolutely any home.

News feeds are full of daily reports of various accidents, work-related accidents. Hundreds of poor fellows receive home injury, and sometimes fatal, for absolutely ridiculous reasons.


If a victim of state of emergency becomes one of working families to tighten their belts have all charges and elderly parents and small children.

In the event of a serious injury of a breadwinner, the financial position of the family is complicated by the forced medical treatment costs in case the worst relatives and not risk being left without any means of livelihood.

By and large, life insurance and health is important for every adult.

Especially to think seriously about it is those people who:

  • receive a salary, directly dependent on the amount of work performed (individual entrepreneurs, self-service customers; freelancers);
  • found myself in a profession with a high level of risk — firefighters, journalists, security guards, etc.;
  • are single parents or have the care of the elderly elderly households;
  • I always use the car;
  • fond of extreme sports.

There is, however, an alternative option is not to invest money in insurance and systematically save them for a rainy day. But — for quick accumulation of really decent amount you should be able to use investment tools.

To insure the life, getting a mortgage?

Banks often recommend to insure those borrowers who take out large loans, in particular for housing. Issued the relevant documents, you will not care so much about their home, how about financial institution — just what part of the payments will go to repay debt.

You have the right to refuse the recommendations (by law the customer is obligated to insure only the collateral), the Bank may reject your application without explanation, or suggest a different mortgage program, with a higher interest rate.

How valuable to you the services of this lender?

Think and decide.

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