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How to save money when buying train tickets – ideas note

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To save on train trips a little more difficult than on air travel, and we are ready to give you some useful recommendations.

These tips will help to preserve if not thousands, at least hundreds of rubles. So…

In any case do not allow for illegal tricks — don’t try to pretend to be exempt, to pass the hare, etc. Control on the trains serious, will not.

Want to avoid unnecessary expenses — use the allowed features.

Plan your journey in advance

The tickets have the most attractive price when their sale has just opened. And open it 45 days before the departure date (at least — it concerns mainly international routes — 60 days).


The cost of some trips can very significantly up on the tenth day of the sale.

The rate of growth is affected by three main factors:

  • the relevance of a direction;
  • season (note that the “hot” in all respects time — summer);
  • the number of remaining seats.

What is the conclusion? If you plan to visit Sochi in the middle of July, think about the tickets at the end of may.

Track stocks, Railways

Railways almost always announces some action. Many of them really help to save money.

Often there are substantial discounts for payment 33-38 seats in second-class carriage — the compartment near the toilet. Admit it, hand on heart, the tragedy is to spend a few hours next to slamming door, if instead I could buy a ticket, say, 30% cheaper?

Available sometimes there are certain places in the compartment, namely the upper shelf. In the top shelf there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, especially if you are traveling alone and at the same time take the lower place.

Such actions, unfortunately, are available only on certain trains and are valid for a limited period of time.

In order not to lose their happiness, often have to look on the website of Russian Railways.

Remember about special rates

People who travel rarely, you forget about the existence of special tariffs. They are relevant when traveling:

  • child up to 5 years (riding for free);
  • child up to 10 years (it is possible to make a separate shelf with a big discount);
  • pensioners;
  • invalids of war;
  • combat veterans and other beneficiaries (for details see the official website).

Remember: discounted tickets to certain categories are sold only through the cashier station upon presentation of supporting documents.

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