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How to save on accounts – recommendations

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Unlike our grandparents, we don’t have to mess with firewood or carrying water from the well.

That’s fine, but domestic comfort has a downside — cost.

Savings on heat

The level of cost of heat depends a lot on how your home is heated. Gas heating is much more profitable than the coal boiler room.

If you are going to buy or rent an apartment, keep this in mind. To install the boiler in an apartment house without initially foreseen technical conditions it is possible, but extremely difficult.

Happy owners of the boiler, which decide to include batteries or not, should carefully monitor the integrity of all welds in the flat. Don’t let the heat out through window slits (put plastic Windows!), install double door.

Wisely adjust the temperature.

Take it when the apartment is warmed enough, or even disconnect. In spring and autumn, you can turn off the heating at night under the covers you will not freeze.

Things to think about when I received another bill for electricity

  • To pay less for electricity, try not to waste it in vain. Consider whether your apartment unnecessary light sources.
  • Note that the degree of illumination of the room depends on the purity of the shades. Perhaps you everywhere seems dark because the chandelier has accumulated a thick layer of dust. Keep impeccably clean and the window glass.
  • Instead of simple bulbs buy energy saving light bulbs. They are more expensive, but consume 4-5 times less energy and with proper quality have a very long service life.

It is important not to forget about the fact that the considerable contribution to the figures from the accounts make household appliances — computers, televisions, microwave ovens, crock pots, etc. of Course, we do not encourage you to refuse them.

Just try not to leave the device running in standby mode or useless work for the background.

When you select each of the next miracle technology, pay attention to its energy efficiency. This figure is denoted by the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G. the Letter A marks the instrument with the highest energy efficiency class G — the lowest.

It is particularly important that A treated continuously running appliances such as the refrigerator.

How to pay less for water?

Learn to save water. The following tips are relevant in the presence of installed meters.

  • Use modern fixtures and make sure she was healthy.
  • Do not turn the water on full power when washing dishes. Not to waste time on mixing hot and cold water to the desired level will help lever mixer.
  • If you use a dishwasher, run it only when fully loaded and pre-clean the plates from residues of food.
  • Wean keep the tap open while brushing your teeth.

And is a universal recommendation for people with low income: find out if you have the right to a subsidy for housing and communal services. It is assigned when a family spends on housing services a significant proportion of total income.

The specific percentage of expenses, in which you can qualify for state aid, is determined by the responsible authorities at the regional level.

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