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How cheap is it to make floors: tips on choosing materials

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Repair floor or his device from scratch — quite an expensive stage. Worth the money and materials for ties, and the final coating.

In this article we will explain how to deal with the floor without any extra costs.

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The cheapest floor

The coupler can be done in various ways. Traditionally it is considered that the most advantageous in terms of cost option — good old-fashioned cement-sand screed. However, in reality it sometimes takes more money than some of screeds.

The high cost of cheap material because of its high consumption.

The minimum thickness of the cement-sand layer should be 3 cm. meanwhile, now there are preparations which are supposed to cover with thickness of only few millimeters.

Use the brand fills is justified especially when you need to level the surface with numerous pits to a depth of 6 cm.

With such floors, it’s best to work according to the following scheme:

  • remove pits liquid composition;
  • to wait freezing for 1-2 days;
  • align five-desyatikilometrovy layer.

The range of screed is rich enough. Make a choice taking into account the specific characteristics and reviews from other customers. Reviews should look on the websites of online stores and manufacturers.

The choice of the coating

As floor coverings you can use:

  • Board;
  • ceramic tile;
  • linoleum;
  • laminate;
  • parquet.

The price is very affordable tile and linoleum. By the way I notice that these two materials are the most practical. They quietly serve for a decade (and sometimes even longer), not afraid of damp. The tiles, however, there is a serious drawback — it is cold.

Relatively inexpensive and boards but they fit not in every interior and require laborious installation.

Laminate and parquet flooring as such it is difficult to mention inexpensive, and yet…

Good save on the laminate will allow the selection of panels 31-32, 33-34 and not class. “High level” panel is really only needed under heavy load — for example, in offices.

Budget version of parquet — bamboo. Bamboo is appreciated not very expensive because, unlike wood, grows quickly.

Of the less common cheap materials is called cork and vinyl tile.

Tip: if you do serious repair for the first time, do not try to save on the wizard. Bug fixes will hit your wallet much harder than a reasonable fee for the services of a professional.

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