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How not to spend money on stuff – 5 tips

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The lion’s share of the cost many families have no food and not even on clothes and stuff.

Want to wean yourself and your loved ones from unnecessary expense? Carefully read the tips listed below.

The shopping list can work wonders. When you make it at home, you don’t see a sexy decomposed products, and are guided by the genuine needs.

Always think over in advance the lists:

  • products;
  • household products;
  • cosmetics;
  • stationery;
  • necessary clothing and shoes.


In order not to deviate from the plan, bring friends. Let him see you.

Pay cash, not card

When customer pays by card, the amount spent seems to him something abstract. Avoid the temptation — don’t pay tangible bills and coins.

In addition, for reliability, try to wear as much as is required for the day.

For emergency case useful to have at least some amount, but it is always possible to hide, for example, in a separate pocket of the bag.

Purchase for discounts is a bad idea

To save on discounts and coupons are quite real. About what benefits could be drawn from them, we are told in a separate article.

However, to grab a special offer, accidentally discovered in the window, is unlikely.

Admit it: in most cases, a reduced price — not a chance to gain, but only a convenient excuse to make another unnecessary purchase.

Long live monitoring and recording!

Record all expenses in a notebook, so that weekly to summarize. Try to compete with him in ability to save.

Set records that will give you legitimate cause for pride.

But Hey, without fanaticism: there are things which it is impossible or unprofitable to save.

Make your life more interesting

Women (and sometimes men) sometimes use shopping as a primary outlet. Someone from a bad mood drunk, and someone goes and buys another sweet heart trinket.

Try to understand that your life is not so. Solve the problem instead of hiding from it.

It is always useful to make new interesting acquaintances or try their hand at the original hobby.

Oh, and another tip — if you still spend money for nothing and had the courage to admit it, try in any way to return the amount. You can, for example, to take the thing back to the store or sell it.

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