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How to buy an apartment, if there is no money – tips

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Buying a home with no money — the task of science fiction. For precious square meters have to pay anyway.

Another thing is that the calculation can be extended in time or replaced by the provision of some services.

The apartment in the mortgage

The most obvious idea is a mortgage. It really take, even in the case when the family has gained considerable savings.

Any mortgage loan is more beneficial

Maternity capital

To the apartment the parent capital are likely not enough, but it will serve as a good initial payment at the conclusion of the credit agreement.

Just remember one crucial point: the portion of ownership will need to make a child.

The mortgage is secured on existing properties

This method is suitable for people who already have one apartment — not too old and not encumbered by permanent residents.

Existing housing can be used as collateral. Then mortgages will be available without any down payment.

This scheme is acceptable for people with a stable high salary, the main problem being the lack of savings.

Consumer credit for the entry fee

To take a consumer loan is quite simple. If the amount is reasonable, you won’t even inquire about the purpose of getting money.

Taking out a loan, you will have a few hundred thousand needed to buy apartment in a mortgage.

However, to pay for two large loans will be onerous. Do not overestimate the level of their welfare.

The annuity contract with a single pensioner

Want to get an apartment not for myself but for the younger children? Think of prospective long-term cooperation with some older man.

Every month, you will support him financially (according to the terms of the contract) and will probably help him to go to the store and to the drugstore to clean the house.

In exchange for support of the pensioner will make you his heir.

Participation in government programs

In Russia we have implemented any Federal initiativethat allows certain categories of people (beginners to experts-state employees who agree to work in rural areas; young families, etc.) to deal with the pressing housing issue.

Keep track of the various incentives and subsidies.

If Yes, you are lucky enough to use any of them?

Do not give up from the thought to accumulate on the property. Here are tips that will help speed up the process.

We wish you good luck! Let your dream for own home come true!

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